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Endeared Within these pages lies bittersweet heartache Endeared is a chance to say goodbye as we stand on the cusp of hello A chance to reminisce with old friends as our hearts are introduced to new ones Scott continues to inspire hope while giving readers something to look forward to Owen and Layla shake up emotions with a yearning that proves itself too irresistible to resist Endeared is a love ballad to lovers everywhere. I hate this book, but not for the reason you may think This is the last book in the Accidental Billionaires series, but it also closes out the Sinclair series in a way I will be missing the two Sinclair families, missing the way they pull together for one another even though their lives have been very different This is the story of Owen, the youngest of the California Sinclairs Owen is brilliant and worked his butt off to go to Boston to school and eventually become a doctor Returning to Citrus Beach, he ends up taking over the clinic where his high school friend Layla is now a Nurse Practitioner They had a falling out their senior year in high school and Owen always wondered about the girl he fell for back then and didn’t understand what happened Of course Layla thinks he knows exactly what he did (misunderstanding time!) and she has some happenings in her life that she doesn’t want to share They get thrown together outside of work and eventually secrets become known I especially like that we run into not only the California Sinclairs but also the East Coast Sinclairs in this story Loved that Owen and Layla work out old differences, have a few issues, and eventually end up where they should be Ms Scott also ends the book with a rundown of all the siblings and where they are in their lives! LOVE IT! Even though I hate to say goodbye to some good (book) friends, I will be looking forward to the next series coming from the inventive mind of J.S Scott. J.S Scott has done it again! Written a sweet and engrossing read, with well developed characters and a splendid plot.Layla and Owen's story is amazing but also Heartbreaking I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book. Friends turned enemies become friends once again on their way to foreverYou will absolutely love Owen and Layla’s story and how it comes full circle The youngest accidental billionaire, Owen Sinclair, has returned to Citrus Beach and has purchased the clinic where his onetime high school friend Layla is now a nurse practitioner Up until a few months before Owen graduated and left for Boston they were friends, compatriots, who share their dreams, along with their third musketeer, Andie who is now married to Owen’s brother Owen and Layla in high school each harbored a crush upon the other until Owen pulled away and Layla thought he had betrayed her Meeting several years later, Owen just cannot understand what turned his longtime friend into a woman who wanted nothing to do with him and who outside of their professional working relationship, seemed downright hostile After months of working together and trying to get Layla to move beyond the confines of their professional relationship back to friendship and something , Owen finally cracks Layla’s shell and she realizes what she thought about her onetime friend, now enemy was wrong Layla in an attempt to make up for misjudging Owen agrees to help him learn to date, a scheme that Owen developed on the fly to keep Layla from falling under Jax Montgomery’s spell and into Owen’s arms, arms which waited to hold the woman who truly saw him and whom he needed for far too long As Layla and Owen spend time together, each learning to have fun and to find where they belong in the world, Layla is still keeping something from Owen that hampers the two from moving to the next level Layla in addition to helping Owen find his place in his newfound life is also helping Owen’s brother with his dating app In doing so, Layla finds a friendship connection with screen name, Dark, who convinces Layla that holding secrets from someone important to you out of fear that they will not accept all of you will get you nowhere Taking Dark’s advice, Layla finally comes clean with Owen and the two move toward healing and helping each other truly find happiness.Once again, Ms Scott deals with real life serious issues in a respectful and insightful manner through connecting the reader with her characters who she portrays as suffering real time problems that sometimes leads them down very dark paths The reader is going to love a twist that Ms Scott puts into this story that truly made me smile As always, she intersperses previously loved characters so that the reader can see what is happening in their world while introducing you to the character in an upcoming book to peak your interest and desire to read their story. After finishing a hardwon medical residency, Owen Sinclair now lives his dream as a family physician The windfall that brought him newfound wealth has also made handsome Dr Sinclair the town’s most eligible bachelor But Owen’s eyes are on Layla, his onetime best friend, his clinic’s dedicated nurse practitioner, and the one woman in Citrus Beach who has no interest in either his body or his billionsIn high school, Owen and Layla were always there for each other Layla could confess almost anything to him But wanting than friendship was a confession too far, and Layla’s teenage longing was crushed in a heartbeatTwo buried hurts are now in need of mending, and Owen has a proposition—if Layla is game It’s a matter of trust as they discover so much about the past, each other, and themselves It’s not too late Maybe they can make up for lost time A love this true is worth the wait It's hard for me to NOT love a JS Scott book, and well, guess what, I LOVE this one as well There is a real relationship, character development, angst, some humor, always an animal (in this one there is a gassy, but lovable bulldog) and always a happy ending.I loved Owen Sinclair, the youngest of the Accidental Billionaires; he has never been overly featured in any of the 4 preceding books, but always a token appearance or mention Owen has been focused on his school and medical career since he was a HS student Even dealing with his bestfriends (Andi, who is now his sisterinlaw) cancer during college in Boston, he was never deterred from his path Owen returns to California and his family, he has bought an established medical practice and guess who is part of the medical staff? The other part of his HS friend trio, Layla Caine Although Owen is trying to figure out why Layla abruptly stopped their friendship right before HS graduation Working in the clinic everyday, Owen is hoping to reestablish his friendship with Layla or at least wear down her hostility Slowly, but surely, Owen wears Layla down and when she finally discloses the reason for the hostility, a huge misunderstanding is cleared up and Owen is hoping to move forward into a 'relationship' with Layla.Obstacles are always in the way, and as a timedefined, trial relationship draws to a close, will they have what it takes to continue into a real relationship There is a huge twist that I never saw coming, but it was SO GOOD and insightful into Layla's character and I think it lays the groundwork for Jaxson Montgomery's story to follow. Owen Sinclair now has it all after struggling through medical school He hasmoney than he can ever spend in his lifetime and a great medical practice His nurse practitioner happens to be his childhood friend but somewhere along the way they stopped being friends and Layla is angry with him but won’t tell him what is wrong Owen is determined to figure out what is going on so he comes up with a way to spendtime with her and hopefully find out once and for all if they can make up for lost time and have a happy ever after since she is the only woman he wants in his life.I have enjoyed the Sinclair series and getting to know these siblings and share in their journey to happy ever after Owen Sinclair’s story rounds out the series quite nicely Endeared is about two people who struggled in their lives with very different hardships but in spite of that turned their lives into something good Owen and Layla definitely were two people who deserved something good to happen to them and to be able to come together and learn to trust was a good foundation for these two once they decide to give love a chance Although there is a very sexy hero and lots of steam between the HH this is actually a very sweet romance I definitely recommend Endeared as well as the other books in this series. This book is part of an ongoing series It's connected to other series by this author I would highly recommend reading these books in order There is quite a bit of back story and detail that would be missed trying to read it as a stand alone.Time for Owen Sinclair to shine! Owen has always felt a bit out of place among his siblings He's always been so focused on his goal of becoming a doctor that he never really stopped and took time building those relationships Sure they're family but sometimes he feels a bit like an outsider looking in.After Owen starts spending his new wealth by purchasing a medical clinic he can't help but be captivated by is nurse It's someone from his past, someone he knows he's still at least partly in love with Will he be able to soften her heart and find out whatever went wrong all those years ago? (If you know this series, you also know the answers to my questions.)There are some things that happened in Layla's past that may be hard to read for some people J.S Scott doesn't go into great detail so I think most people will be just fine reading it I received an advanced copy of this story from NetGalley and am posting a voluntary honest review. Who doesn't love a Sinclair?I have fallen in love with each and every Sinclair I cannot even pick a favorite because they all have their individual qualities This one was no different You could tell from the very beginning of the book that Owen was a very loving and loyal person who would go to the end of the world for anyone He would give away all of his money just to see a smile on someone's face, especially Layla.In true Sinclair fashion they always seem to be a little duh, when it come to women But then Layla didn't seem to smart when it came to her best friend We have lots of growling, love, possessiveness in this book You will not go away disappointed Except for the face that there will not be anySinclairs.Good thing I have read the books over and over and they will never go away These books are always my good to reading when I need a good pick me up.Until Next TimeTabi Even since they were kids,, billionaire Owen Sinclair has always cared for Layla, sharing so much in their lives Yet now that Owen is back home and working with Layla, he doesn’t know what happened to make her turn away from him It is obvious Owen wants to make her happy and as their story unfolds, I saw the raw emotion that Jan was able to write about her characters with real issues that affect a lot of us Their characters were human and realistic, reminding us that happy endings can happen While sad that The Accidental Billionaires series is done, I am excited to know that Jan will continue on withof her Billionaire’s Obsession books.

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