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The Haiku Anthology Outstanding compilation of modern English language haiku. Anthologies of English haiku are rare and good ones even rarer This is the best I've found I didn't like all the selections but I don't expect that from an anthology whose purpose is to introduce a wide variety of haikurelated content to demonstrate the range of the form There are one to four poems per page, leaving a lot of zen emptiness for reflection, yet in spite of all the blank space I found the book taking much longer to read than a thick volume of prose With over 800 poems I will frequently return to van den Heuvel's anthology to contemplate and celebrate the eternal beauty of life's ephemeral moments. For any compendium of Haiku to make it to wide publication seems amazing (from my reading, Haiku was/is generally supported almost exclusively by small press in the west) but The Haiku Anthology made it to a 3rd edition and until Haiku In English The first Hundred Years, was probably the latest and largest collection of quality English Language Haiku and Senryu in print.It catalogues works from the beginning of the genre in the west to the late 1990's and reading it does give you some idea of the various historical changes and trends while also displaying the variety of approaches in what seems like such a restricted form If I have one minor gripe, it’s the absence of works outside of North America I understand that in earlier editions it included the work of Australian pioneers like Janice Bostok and possibly for space and target market reasons these have been dropped.The Haiku Anthology includes the previous two edition’s introductions (yes that’s three different introductions) all in reverse chronological order This was informative and provided historical information that’s likely to get forgotten as the genre moves on.There’s a broad range of nature and urban Haiku and the Senryu vary from the rude and obviously comic to being difficult to decide whether they are Senryu or Haiku:Alan Pizzareli’s Senryu vary from: the fat ladybends over the tomatoesa full moon toreaching forthe windup toyit rides off the table There’s some early work by JW Hackett in the 575 format: Half of the minnowswithin the sunlit shalloware not really there and then there’s Nick Virgilio’s work, which demonstrates the form’s applicability to urban situations: approaching autumn:the warehouse watchdog’s barkweakens in the wind and it’s power to handle grief and passing my dead brother…hearing his laughin my laughter In terms of gender representation the collection is about 70/30 in favour of males, which I found interesting in the context of the Australian scene which seems largely dominated by women Perhaps its the effect of early proponents such as the Beat Poets (Kerouac and Ginsberg) who lent it some early legitimacy/cool for men interested in the form.For the poet who intends to write Haiku, the anthology is a must have (either this one or Haiku in English above, which I take as a 4th edition, Cor van den Heuvel I assume, having passed on the editorial reins) even if it’s just for the ease of having a large number of quality Haiku readily at hand Additionally If there’s one thing that is annoying about Haiku, it’s not being able to easily track down print collections of quality proponents I have been trying to track down copies of Anita Virgil’s work and this collection is about the only place you’ll find a large number grouped together in print.For the general reader, it might be a bit much to take in at once Haiku is one of those forms that gains depth withunderstanding of the technical aspects So it’s worth figuring out how a good Haiku is constructed while reading the collection That being said, some of the Haiku and Senryu contained don’t require an understanding of the form and are “wordless” in getting their image across. I believe that the pictured edition is the second edition; I have the third addition, which is hardback.The book just came to me this weekend while I was on a haiku retreat in Seabeck, WA., and it's awesome In all seriousness, this book may be the only case in which I read the introduction before I actually started reading the rest of it And I actually enjoyed it Cor van den Heuvel is easily one of the most brilliant poets of the age, and his Foreward to the Third Edition is helpful for understanding the culture of the haiku community I rather like it.The haiku themselves are quite good, as well The anthology is organized in alphabetical order by poet, which is nice You can getof a feel for the style and aesthetics for each poet As a beginning haiku reader, this is helpful for me, because it enables me to get a sense of the possibilities for haiku that exist.Highly recommended The third edition's ISBN is: 0393047431. Absolutely essential, vital and dynamic poetry from haiku poets writing in English So good This is a *beautiful* and, judging by its size, very thorough, collection of original english haiku The number of poems is daunting so (even though they're tiny) I think it's best to read and absorb the haiku in small increments. deadline with an injunctionand an urge to devour pregnant belly ofsunlight, bouncingover an open book I was surprised when I read through half this anthology in one sitting I had intended to savor it slowly over the summer, but I couldn't help reading one , and then onepoem I've loved writing haiku's since I was introduced to them in a high school creative writing class Since, for me, writing poetry has always been a secretive and cathartic form of self expression, I was never bothered by the fact that I hadn't read any haiku's beyond those first few This summer, I decided to remedy that, and I found this book to be a fantastic introduction! I would really recommend at least skimming the forward first It explains the way haiku's have been adapted to the English language, and talks about the various authors the book highlights One particular line was helpful in explaining: A haiku is a short poem recording the essence of a moment keenly perceived in which Nature is linked to human nature That one piece of information added volumes to my enjoyment After reading each poem, I would consider for a moment how it reflected human nature There is such a variety in this collection that I think it has a little something for everyone There are poems that are heartbreaking, profound, funny, and even a few that are creepy I look forward to browsing through this for years to come Here are a few of my favorites Nick Avis:longing to be near her i remember my shirt hanging in her closet Tom ClausenFarm country back road:just like them i lift one fingerfrom the steering wheelVirginia Brady Youngpersimmons lightly swaying heavy with themselvesPenny Hartergrandmother's mirrorage spotsthe glassClement HoytA Hallowe'en mask, floating face up in the ditch, slowly shaking its head.Lee Gurgatwo little boyspaddling like madthe beached canoeUnfortunately the goodreads writing editor deletes extra spaces, so some of these can't be written exactly as they appear in the book. Originally a Japanese form that flourished in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, haiku has recently experienced tremendous growth in popularity in the English language The Haiku Anthology, first published in , is a landmark work in modern haiku, honoring a genre of poetry that celebrates simplicity, emotion, and imageryin which only a few words convey worlds of mystery and meaning This third edition, now completely revised and updated, compriseshaiku and senryu a related genre, usually humorous and concerned with human nature written in English bypoets, including the top haiku writers of the American past and present A new foreword details developments since the publication of the last edition

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