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Notes to Self The extraordinarybestseller a word of mouth literary phenomenonDo not read this book in public it will make you cry Anne EnrightEvery line pulses with the pain and joy and complexity of an extraordinary life Mark OConnell I am afraid of being the disruptive woman And of not being disruptive enough I am afraid But I am doing it anywayIn this dazzling debut, Emilie Pine speaks to the business of living as a woman in the st century its extraordinary pain and its extraordinary joy Courageous, humane and uncompromising, she writes with radical honesty on birth and death, on the grief of infertility, on caring for her alcoholic father, on taboos around female bodies and female pain, on sexual violence and violence against the self Devastatingly poignant and profoundly wise and joyful against the odds Notes to Self offers a portrait not just of its author but of a whole generation

  • Audio CD
  • 198 pages
  • Notes to Self
  • Emilie Pine
  • English
  • 09 June 2019

About the Author: Emilie Pine

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Notes to Self book, this is one of the most wanted Emilie Pine author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Notes to Self

  1. Juliano Zaffino Juliano Zaffino says:

    I m struggling to process this book but I ll try my best to articulate Emilie Pine s Notes To Self , a collection of six essays on varied themes, part memoir and part social critique, is one of the all time best books I have ever read It s up there with Tristimania and The White Book and Misery and my other favourites Pine s writing, characterised by brutal honesty and a tone that is at once direct, impersonal, conversational, and considered, is like a flurry of punches coming off the page, each essay teeming with vital meditations on death, life, feminism, trauma, identity these are essays that implore to be read, by a world that is still terrified to talk about the things that Pine manages to confront, despite the fear and difficulty I am afraid But I am doing it anyway The reviews are true, when they warn you that you ll cry reading this book what no one can prepare you for is how this book will take the personal details of its writer and subject, and make a lance right to your own heart For me, the essay Speaking Not Speaking , a retrospective look at her parents divorce and the decades of fallout, resonated painfully and deeply How is it that we were made to endure so much acrimony for so long And how is it, why is it, that no one has ever said sorry to me or my sister I beg you to buy this book and open up your heart And, as an aside, congratulations to my favourite independent publisher, Tramp Press, on a sensational publication.

  2. Hande Z Hande Z says:

    This does not sound like a memoir of a professor, but it is, although if it had to be from a professor, a professor of drama, as Professor Pine is, would be appropriate The opening chapter, Notes on Intemperance is a stunner, we learn of the most emotionally shattering experiences of the author and her childhood with an alcoholic father who, out of pique that his five year old daughter would spike his gin with orange juice, got out and left both daughters in the pub Young as they were, they found dinner and got someone to drive them home Then she got into drugs She went to rock festivals and met Corbain of Nirvana, shaved people s eyebrows, got stoned in hotels the names of which she could hardly pronounce on account of being stoned And her sweet and blas mother, was there in such times to see her home She has a deep, thought provoking account of a life we should not have, but now, she s a professor She says towards the end of the book, When I realised that I wanted to work as a university lecturer, I hoped that I would be the kind of teacher who would change students lives, who would be profound, who would teach them things that would not be on the exam One can just feel happy for her students and now, with this book, she has made us all her students.

  3. Elaine Dunne Elaine Dunne says:

    There s nothing new here life stresses, hurts and tires everyone at various times There s little heroism in an ordinary life and nothing so precious that requires an initial only for a noun.

  4. Deirdre C. Deirdre C. says:

    No, I didn t love this It s been rated quite highly on my book club and I said I d finally have a read Yes it s well written and very honest but just not the type of content I enjoy I didn t enjoy this read Others really love it, for me it was an endurance

  5. Lydia Ruffles Lydia Ruffles says:

    Why, after all, would I ever tell the story, when to tell it would be to risk the life that I have made in the years since A friend recommended this wonderful book but didn t warn me I would cry five times while reading it I loved these frank, revealing, and uplifting essays.

  6. S R Le Marquand S R Le Marquand says:

    I loved the writing Difficult subjects throughout but the wisdom of the words made me cherish the hurt and feel the various emotions for myself Infertility Still birth Sexual violence Not easy subjects to address but addressed they need to be Women as well as men will find solace, appreciation and validity in how she tackles them head on.

  7. sarah sarah says:

    Emilie Pine bares herself to the bone in this book I read it in one sitting and it shone lights on parts of myself that I forgot existed Heart wrenching and painful to read in parts but the pure honesty is refreshing.

  8. Victoria B Hopkins Victoria B Hopkins says:

    This book is incredibly poignant and moving Emilie Pine speaks candidly of her experiences with alcoholism, personal trauma and infertility It is an important feminist memoir which I will be sharing with friends and peers I inhaled it in just a few hours and could read it again almost immediately It really touched my soul 10 10

  9. Ensemble 2020 Ensemble 2020 says:

    Emilie Pines Buch ist innerhalt k rzester Zeit zu einem wichtigen Bestseller im Sommer 2019 geworden Es ist das literarische Deb t der Literaturprofessorin, in dem sie wichtige, kritsche und sehr fragile Momente in ihrem Leben beschreibt, wie den eigenen Kampf ein Baby bekommen zu k nnen, die Momente, als ihre Eltern ihre Scheidung vollziehen, die Trunksucht eines Elternteils, oder der Vater, der v llig hilflos in einem griechischen Spitals liegt, in dem nichts funktioniert und die beiden Schwestern sich rund um die Uhr abwechseln als Krankenschwestern bet tigen m ssen, damit der Vater wieder gesunden und mit nach Hause kommen kann Es sind verst rende St cke Literatur mit Essay haftem, dennoch sehr literarischem Charakter, die gro artig geschrieben und bersetzt sind, und die ich allen, die nach einer besonderen Sommerlekt re suchen, sehr empfehlen kann.

  10. tubs tubs says:

    Initially, I wasn t really into the book and this was probably because the first two essays did not really resonate with me compared to the other 4 essays in the book However, once I kept reading through it, it really starts to hit home in so many ways.Emilie Pine does justice to so many issues that women face on a daily basis such as periods being taboo, miscarriages, self love and how extremely difficult it is to have such a dialogue The real cost of abortion being illegal is something that might not even be considered until it happens to someone close to us or us and then you truly realize how important it is for women to have control, to have a say in what happens to their bodies.The author sheds light on so many issues that women face, at home, in workplaces, and in public This book is truly an eye opener, making you think of these pressing issues women face every day in a new light, in a personal way.

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