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The Tyrannosaur Chronicles (Audio Download): David Hone, Gavin Osborn, Audible Studios for Bloomsbury: Audible Audiobooks Adored by children and adults alike, tyrannosaurus is the most famous dinosaur in the world, one that pops up again and again in pop culture, often battling other beasts such as King Kong, triceratops, or velociraptors in Jurassic Park But despite the hype, tyrannosaurus and the other tyrannosaurs are fascinating animals in their own right and are among the best studied of all dinosaurs Tyrannosaurs started small but over the course ofmillion years evolved into the giant carnivorous bone crushers that continue to inspire awe in palaeontologists, screenplay writers, sci fi novelists and the general public alike Tyrannosaurus itself was truly impressive it topped six tons, was thanmetersfeet long and had the largest head and most powerful bite of any land animal in history The Tyrannosaur Chronicles tracks the rise of these dinosaurs and presents the latest research into their biology, showing off than just their impressive statistics tyrannosaurs had feathers and fought and even ate each other This audiobook presents the science behind this research it tells the story of the group through their anatomy, ecology and behaviour, exploring how they came to be the dominant terrestrial predators of the Mesozoic era and, in recent times, one of the great icons of biology PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your My Library section along with the audio I found this very interesting, clearly laid out, absorbing stuff The author takes a great deal of effort, successfully I believe, to lay out the scientific complexities highlight facts, theories, supported deductions, all in a manner that is clear to those of us without a scientific background and reaches a proper, mature balance that avoids any patronising over simplifications I do agree with other reviewers that there could have been sketches, especially where various bone structures or fossil interpretations were being explained However, overall, a serious, intelligent, inclusive discussion that holds one s interest even in areas that could be very dry.This type of book should help advance quality knowledge about dinosaurs amongst general readers For a brief period, I might even know about the fascinating creatures than my son Well worth a read. A comprehensive, accurate and detailed overview of the Tyrannosaurs Relatively easy to read I especially liked the author s approach of arriving at conclusions with regard to what particular evidence there is available, i.e the scientific approach instead of waltzing away on fantasy hypotheses, as seen in other literature on dinosaurs My only criticism is with reference to the skeletal anatomy of Tyrannosaurs these areas could have been better illustrated with a few pictures for those less knowledgable in vertebrate anatomy one day there will be an Idiot s Guide to Vertebrate Anatomy, oh please, give me a good picture Also, there were several paragraphs with reference to particular fossils indicating Tyrannosaur behaviour, i.e tooth marks on the skull indicating intra specific conflict, scrape bit marks on a hadrosaur femur indicating preferential feeding practice, etc but sadly, there were no illustrations available Overall though, a good read, recommend it to anyone with an interest in vertebrate paleontology. Superb Clear which is not as easy as you might think and fascinating I would, however, have preferred imagery especially diagrams from multiple viewpoints rather than relying on the usual side view alone too much.

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  • The Tyrannosaur Chronicles (Audio Download): David Hone, Gavin Osborn, Audible Studios for Bloomsbury: Audible Audiobooks
  • David Hone
  • 14 March 2018

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Tyrannosaur Chronicles Audio Download: David Hone, Gavin Osborn, Audible Studios for Bloomsbury: Audible Audiobooks book, this is one of the most wanted David Hone author readers around the world.

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