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Augustus: From Revolutionary to Emperor Embarrassed by his short stature Augustus is said to have worn build up shoes He also had a love of crude jokes and poems, which he wrote himself He was one part of the ultimate power couple Agedand on the verge of great power he fell in love with the beautiful, clever Livia, who wasBoth were already married and while Augustus had a daughter, Livia was pregnant by her first husband Livia and Augustus married three days after she gave birth Extraordinary This vast accomplished book is a book to read avidly but also dip into, to enjoy the huge range of characters and the events Jenny Selway DAILY EXPRESS Goldsworthy admits that pinning Augustus down is a tricky task But he never allows any aspect of the Augustan project to slip away The focus shifts easily from Augustus military might to his love of poetry He shines a light on the many contradictions of Augustus character Goldsworthy doesn t hesitate to describe the emperor for what he was a mass murderer and then a military dictator But he reminds us of Augustus charm and humanity too Augustus took the Roman world from civil war to lasting peace and prosperity, and the mechanisms he used to obtain and maintain power were extraordinary Like Goldsworthy s biography of Julius Caesar, this is essential reading for anyone interested in Ancient Rome Natalie Haynes THE INDEPENDENT Goldsworthy s true expertise is as a military historian and this is what really gives his biography its strength and bite his depiction of Augustus s relationship with his legions is masterly Robert Harris SUNDAY TIMES This is a very fine story, very skilfully told Peter Jones LITERARY REVIEW Goldsworthy capably guides us over the rapids of modern scholarship Goldsworthy is particularly sound on senatorial power struggles and the use of marriage to cement or break political alliances Augustus was, incredibly, both brother in law and son in law of Antony, having previously married the under age daughter of Antony s first wife Nicholas Shakespeare DAILY TELEGRAPH Adrian Goldsworthy does not hesitate to describe Emperor Augustus as he really was a mass murderer and then a military dictator i NEWSPAPER Authoritative and always interesting John Gray NEW STATESMAN Goldsworthy examines the life of Augustus Caesar, who rose from obscurity to become Rome s first emperor and the most powerful and enduring in the history of the Empire He killed and manipulated his way to the top, then reinvented himself as the father of his country , achieving peace and prosperity ITALIAGoldsworthy has fashioned an engrossing account of this extraordinary man, pointing out his many contradictions fiercely ambitious but publicly reluctant to accept state triumphs, his power built on the success of his legions but never an outstanding soldier himself, adulterous in the extreme but a determined public supporter of traditional marriage Augustus has been somewhat neglected in recent years, and Goldsworthy skilfully and painstakingly builds his case for greater prominence using the detail of his daily conduct and administration expertly This is an excellent biography, which succeeds in ranking Augustus oncehigh amongst the great leaders in world history HISTORICAL NOVEL SOCIETY Historian and biographer Goldsworthy Caesar showcases his deep knowledge of Ancient Rome in this masterful document of a life whose themes still resonate in modern times A strong narrative emphasis ties the work together and is enriched by evocative details of Roman life, whether it be bathing practices, voting tendencies, or the contemporary significance of Virgil Readers may be surprised to find ancient precedents for still visible cultural phenomena, such as the celebrity status accorded to politicians, public delight in scandal, and leadership constantly reinforced by propaganda the overall effect that Goldsworthy generates is of meeting a man whose life seems hardly distant from the modern experience PUBLISHERS WEEKLY USA The story of how Augustus rose from an obscure teenager to become Rome s first and greatest emperor

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