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                        The Hot Zone: The Chilling True Story of an Ebola Outbreak
            To me this book contains too much thriller element It is an intriguing read, but I had to jump paragraphs of unnecessary descriptions of unnecessary things to get to the actual facts of the outbreaks For example, one of the characters mentioned in the book named Nancy has elaborations devoted to her which seems to me should be truncated from this book These elaborations include how her parrot behaves a home, her daily life dinner conversations with her kids and her husband, her father s cancer situation, and that her father was actually her adopt father and that he had a messed up history with women, and so and so.Personally only half of the content in this book is valuable to a reader like me, therefore I gave it a three But for readers who enjoy this type of detailed depiction of characters, I believe this book may turn out to be rather fun to read. Frighteningly revealing regarding the early discovery of Ebola some really scary passages when investigators attempt to identify the virus The sad demise of so many expendable animals is upsetting Later outbreaks prove the devastation of the disease. A very well written book that is hard to put aside before finishing I like this author, and am satisfied with my purchase.It does suggest, at least to me, that the highly qualified, brave and dedicated individuals who engage in investigating these matters and treating the sick, are largely as helpless as the rest of us in the event It also suggests to me, a possible airborne capability for this agent, if only a limited one over distance.The suggestion in part 2 that an outbreak of the Reston strain in the US involved the transfer of infected monkey carcasses between vehicles in plastic bin bags, and in a public place, is actually frightening Monkey house next to a school Christ Unless I have been misinformed, whilst mankind has had some success in inoculation against viruses, we have never found a cure for one If so, we have little chance of medical science helping us with this Please tell me that I m wrong in this understanding What do we do when the thing is killing the doctors and nurses quicker than the rest of us Perhaps we should be looking to homeopathic or alternative medicine for help.I also understand that the US holds a patent on Ebola If this is so, can someone please tell me why The reader will surely observe that this is not my knowledge area This review is written at a time when there is another major outbreak in Africa, of possibly two human killing strains If it goes worldwide, we can only stand our ground in the knowledge that most of us will not make it.This book, which is good descriptive fiction, based on fact, is well worth the read, but may give you some sleepless nights. This is not the first time I have read this book, however, unlike some fictional horror books the fear factor doesn t reduce.Ebola is real and in thr past few years has reared it s ugly head in Africa again.The books flows well even although the timeline jumps about It is well written and is the sort of book you can read in one sitting if the graphic descriptions of what happens to the human body once Ebola takes hold doesn t leave you feeling rather nauseous.Definitely worth a read. Although I am sure that I read somewhere that this account was based on the Marburg virus rather than Ebola, I still absolutely adore this book I have an interest in parasitology, and in hemorrhagic viruses, and I really enjoyed this book in print Now I have purchased a copy for my Kindle, and I am very happy.There have been several plague books written, some of them were made in to films, or vice versa, but I still love this one the most.I have not yet gotten around to read this on my Kindle, but I remember being unable to put the physical copy down I was hooked from the moment that events were described on the plane, which started the book and gave an overview how the virus spread I am not going to say anything further because I do not want to spoil the book for anyone. I bought this back in the 90 s and found it terrifying, and felt desperately sorry for both the sufferers of this horrific , and the dedicated and extremely brave people involved in nursing them, I felt slightly consoled that it was a virus which would burn out quite quickly and which was unlikely to cross borders The particular strain dealt with in The Hot Zone is the most lethal , Ebola Zaire, the strain which is currently active in Africa Richard Preston goes into painstaking detail in this account of the great sacrifices made by the scientists and nuns in order to try and stem the flow of the virus, and tells the story in an intelligent and compassionate way Reads like a horror story,especially as it s true. The dramatic and chilling story of an Ebola virus outbreak in a suburban Washington, D.C laboratory, with descriptions of frightening historical epidemics of rare and lethal viruses More hair raising than anything Hollywood could think of, because it s all true.One of the most horrifying things I ve ever read What a remarkable piece of work Stephen King Popular science writing at its best and the year s most infectious page turner People A top drawer horror storythe best literary roller coaster of the fall Newsweek An interesting read with the first chapter being a particularly scary one The book then goes on to explore the likelihood of Ebola becoming a human pandemic Some of the descriptions of the symptoms and last stages of Ebola in humans sometimes clash a little with other Ebola books and scientific reference articles but it is an overall good book in displaying the possible outcomes should this hideous viral disease become a worldwide pandemic.

  • Audio CD
  • 384 pages
  • The Hot Zone: The Chilling True Story of an Ebola Outbreak
  • Richard Preston
  • English
  • 28 May 2019
  • 0552143030