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JUST BORIS: A Tale of Blond Ambition Well after reading this you will never trust a word that dear Boris says ever again Interesting to say the least Brilliantly researched, the book is great reading for anyone interested in Johnson s climb to the power he now has December 2019 as PM with a massive Tory majority It is astonishing to read how he has always been indulged and forgiven for his frequent failings He has no remorse for anything or anyone and he destroyed his first wife s entire life.Sonia Purnell correctly predicts or warns of his ultimate ambition but no reader should be in any doubt that he is a starter, not a finisher The EU will eventually prove that a Boris Brexit will be a disaster for the UK He failed as a Foreign Secretary and has nobody to blame but himself when the EU fail to indulge him.Superb read for all interested in the background to a current leader. I have just read this book and thought it was fascinating and horrifying I must admit that steam was issuing from my ears most of the time I was devouring it Only knowing Boris Johnson through snippets in Private Eye, and then as the leading light of the Brexit camapign, I was outraged by his performance in and after the referendum and appalled at the thought that he might become Prime Minister I think the turncoat Michael Gove should be knighted for services to his country in preventing that happening.Since I read the book and became even enlightened about the ghastly egotistic Bois, I have been watching his progress as Foreign Secretary with interest Theresa May s joke at his expense in her Tory party conference speech was the icing on the cake She obviously has no illusions about him.As a former newspaper editor I found it almost impossible to credit that he was allowed to miss his deadlines so frequently, and without any financial penalty Why should this man believe that he is so superior to everyone else that normal rules of behaviour do not apply to him Maybe he will find it a little harder to get away with this attitude now that he is in a job where he can be held to account by a no nonsense Prime Minister. This is an entertaining, well written and well researched biography of the most curious and interesting politicians of our times It is not a Tom Boyer style hatchet job but shows the many facets of a man who is now our prime minister God help us all Is he presented as someone who is highly intelligent, amusing, charismatic and driven Absolutely Does he come across as a nice, gregarious guy who has made many friends in his journey through life Hardly Underneath the carefully cultivated, disheveled bumbling image, there is a calculating, hard nosed individual who knows exactly what he is doing although his first two months as PM suggest otherwise A book that s well worth buying. Extremely informative Unbiased extensive review based on a cross section of interviewees A disection of a complicated mind detailing pros and cons in a fair manner But do I feel I really understand this enigma of a person More recent actions tell me that there is yet to write about And will a sequel help The jury is still out on that one However I did read every word and it was not boring or Boris in. I started off by thinking of Boris as a likeable rogue but ended up thinking less likeable and calculating Boris is definitely one of life s users , taking advantage of any opportunity and using people to further his ends in the process A fascinating and revealing book I still am bemused when I wonder how two intelligent and successful women could have affairs with Boris and imagine that he would leave his wife and four children and marry them Boris is addicted to earning money and his wife is a successful barrister working with divorce law and in a position to take Boris to the cleaners if she wanted to punish him.He is smart enough not to want to jeopardise his family life and fortune, but typical of Boris he likes taking risks A thoroughly well researched and fascinating book, with some laugh out loud moments. I am always wary of biographies because a writer chooses what to concentrate on, which parts of a personality to emphasise and which to play down Boris is shown to be the larger than life character I expected but I hadn t imagined he was so extreme and, quite frankly, bizarre and unrealiable Yet, whilst I read, I kept thinking of Winston Churchill who shared very similar characteristics with Boris and Boris sees himself as a Churchill figure Maybe all nations, at some points in their history, need a Boris as we needed Winston Churchill because they have the ability to inspire and urge us forward This book raises such thoughts and questions which is why I can recommend it. An enormous amount of detail and research put together in a very entertaining style Bravo. This opinion, written during the middle of the choice between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, the book is truly frightening in what it reveals about Boris in particular and politicians in general.It is clear that Tory MPs gave the Tory party a horrifying choice of candidates.My honest opinion is that neither of these characters is capable of running the country in these difficult times.It is clear that Parliament, in not obeying the instructions of the electorate, has signally failed in its duty I am left feeling that, at the national level at least the majority of politicians are self seeking and mendacious.I wouldn t recommend anyone to take the time to read this book as it can do nothing to influence anyone in the time we have left The die is cast. A major and controversial new biography of one of the most compelling and contradictory figures in modern British life Born Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, to most of us he is just Boris the only politician of the age to be regarded in such familiar, even affectionate terms Uniquely, he combines comedy with erudition, gimlet eyed focus with jokey self deprecation, and is a loving family man with a roving eye He is also a hugely ambitious figure with seemingly no huge ambitions to pursue other than, perhaps, power itself In this revealing new biography, written from the vantage point of a once close colleague, Sonia Purnell examines how a shy, young boy from a broken home became our only box office politician How the Etonian product fond of Latin tags became a Man of the People and why he wanted to be How the gaffe prone buffoon won the largest personal mandate this country has ever seen and how the Johnson family built our biggest and blondest media and political dynasty The first forensic account of a remarkable rise to fame and power, Just Boris unravels a political enigma and asks whether the Mayor who dreams of crossing the Thames to Downing Street has what it takes to be Prime Minister

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