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Cromwell, Our Chief Of Men The book was as described and without any marks or writing on the pages, in spite of being an ex library copy The biography was a revelation about our history and helps to explain so many of the things that bedevil our country to this day Cromwell should, in my opinion, be given a medal and his statue at the House of Commons moved to where the current lightweights have taken pride of place in the public gaze instead of being hidden around the corner People with commitment, integrity and a true sense of purpose do not seem to exist in the shoddy realm of parliament nowadays. Thank you for two great books I hope to lead a tour to the John Newton and William Cowper Museum in Olney and the Oliver Cromwell Museum in Huntingdon next March These books will really help me to understand these two giants of history. I read all I can about this man whose like we will not see again is the pity This book has all the detail I was looking for but I often found myself having to back track on what I had just read as the narrative is very convoluted I do not usually have this problem but it is the way it is written Also,why oh why did the author find it necessary to use so many obscure words it mad have been an effort to impress but I found it grating at times. Before Walter Isaacson and that sort, Lady Antonia Fraser paved the way with classic works like these This is not light reading, though quite readable This is scholarly work, though not academic Footnotes and bibliographies are in evidence, the suppositional supported by document and simple logic Very worth having for anyone interested in the amazing 17th Century, or the English Civil War, or the foundations of United States constitutional philosophy. Sympathetic some might say too sympathetic biography of one of England s greatest if controversial figures Each chapter of Oliver s life is explored in detail, even though the man himself might still come out of it as a bit of an enigma.Read on Kindle, didn t spot any typos but numerals of different kings and queens mentioned appear mostly as lower case, for example Charles i instead of Charles I However, this doesn t detract from the quality of the book Highly recommended to those wishing to know about the Protector s life and times. At 900 hundred odd pages a good book for the lockdown, or so I thought History is one of my interests and I thought it time to brush up on Cromwell Well, I learnt quite a lot of which I was unaware but the experience was spoilt by the author s use of archaic and or arcane language as well as convoluted sentence construction Indeed, I m no thicko but it almost got the the stage where I had to have my phone handy while reading in order to look up the author s choice of words that went out use centuries ago Further, her constant use in the main text of quotations by Cromwell and many other players was a distraction incidentally, the quotes reveal that Cromwell was no barrel of laughs and that 17th century speech needs reading a couple of times or so before the meaning is clear perhaps the author s obvious extensive research was the cause of her trying to emulate her hero in her writing Lastly, not only is the book is unnecessarily long by about 25% but, chronologically, jumps all over the place. At first glance, when I first bought this book, I thought, blinding, that s a big book As I read the book, it became and captivating It provided an insight into both the private and public life You get a fully rounded picture of the life of Oliver Cromwell and his family If you would like a brief overview of Cromwell, or just a passing interest, then this is not the book for you If you like history, or if you are on a history or politics course then this is the book for you The book is easy to read and is well written I have had to repurchase this book three times for one reason or another Most of my friends said that they felt compelled to read it to the end I enjoyed it a lot You will too Wonderful and authoritative book about the life of Oliver Cromwell Antonia Fraser is the one to read concerning biographical historical fact, rather than fiction Like all Antonia s books, well researched and written. The bestselling historians biography of a decisive figure in Englands historyNo Englishman has made impact on the history of his nation than Oliver Cromwell few have been so persistently maligned in the folklore of history The central purpose of Antonia Frasers book is the recreation of his life and character, freed from the distortions of myth and Royalist propagandaCromwell was a man of contradictions and surprising charm This decisive and ruthless commander was also a country gentleman and a passionate connoisseur of music Of Cromwells fitness for high office, this fascinating biography leaves no doubt Under his rule English prestige abroad rose to a level unequalled since Elizabeth I, yet his campaign in Ireland has cast a shadow over his reputationAntonia Fraser displays great insight into this complex man and reveals a totally unexpected Cromwell, far removed from the received stereotype Book was in great condition, just as it was described by seller Thank you.

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  • Cromwell, Our Chief Of Men
  • Antonia Fraser
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  • 07 March 2019

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