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  1. last year's girl last year's girl says:

    My mum s favourite book of her early 20s, one that affected her so powerfully she can still quote scenes from it today so of course when it showed up on a Kindle 99p deal of the day to tie in with the recent film release I was all over it A challenging read at times, since everybody in 16th century Scotland had one of about four names or else was referred to by an honorific which was just, like, the name of a place down the road plus, the author kept getting distracted from the history and losing herself in seemingly endless passages about the Queen s milky white features and glorious red hair But drama intrigue scandal explosions Catholicism There was plenty in here to entertain.

  2. Vicuña Vicuña says:

    I bought a second hand copy of the original hardback, with dust jacket for less than a fiver and it s a real brick of a book.There are two saving graces Antonia Fraser s writing and the fact that Mary was such an interesting and remarkable lady The research appears to be meticulous and at times, the level of detail can feel a little overwhelming But stick with it because the story really deserves to be to,d and the insight into social life, court and politics is vibrant Occasionally, there s a little too much by way of personal detail about how she looked or what she was wearing, but I can forgive that overall as it adds to the realism of this truly sad story.It s difficult to believe it s 50 years since this was published and I regret not having read it many years ago It s timeless and captivating.

  3. Amelia L. Quirk Amelia L. Quirk says:

    An excellent and obviously painstakingly researched book, which really hammers home the tragedy of Mary s life The author is clearly very sympathetic to her cause but the objectivity of the account doesn t suffer for it in my opinion, although I admit I am also on Mary s side She had nothing to lose by the time of the Babington Plot and was basically honeytrapped.It is long but unlike the recent film , is very evenly weighted in terms of her early life, marriage to Darnley and his murder and her subsequent wrong turns and captivity Even so you feel you could have read 20 years such was the magnetism of Mary I highly doubt this will ever stop being the only book you ll ever need to read about her.

  4. cruiselady cruiselady says:

    I read this when it first came out.I re read it before going to the Mary Queen of Scots exhibition in Edinburgh last year.It moved me to find out about the Battle of Flodden an event rarely spoken of and I was able to see how this affected the Court Mary had to deal with.Would it have been better for her not to have gone to France as a child and stayed in Scotland A tragic story, showing the mistakes and misconceptions on all sides.The chapter on her final hours was truly brutal.

  5. Valerie Valerie says:

    Antonia Fraser is not quite as impartial about Mary as she should be but that can be forgiven because of the quality of the writing And all of is must have sympathy with a five year old who became a pawn in politics I really enjoyed this book.

  6. Canonistic Canonistic says:

    Excellent book with details of the life of Queen Mary in French Court and then Scotland

  7. Welliehell Welliehell says:

    From the first paragraph I was taken back to that time Written in a clear and accurate manner but it reads like a fast paced historical novel This is the first book I have read by this author but I am adding her to my list.

  8. Customer Customer says:

    A greater understanding of this period of British history weaves its way through the book Definitely worth a read if you re interested in Mary Queen of Scots

  9. Volferlofilo Volferlofilo says:

    L autrice certamente un personaggio brillante e geniale, distintasi non solo come storica, che in quanto tale ha messo a frutto, credo, una formazione accademica specifica di tutto rispetto, ma anche come scrittrice di testi letterari Questa biografia accurata, ben scritta per quanto il mio modesto inglese mi lasci apprezzare, e soprattutto aspetto per me fondamentale abbastanza particolareggiata e mai tirata via Il pregiudizio favorevole del biografo verso il biografato si sente ma non troppo pesante ed anzi induce a riflessioni pi ampie sul contesto di tempi ancora oscuri e di ambienti persino primitivi Cos che si indotti a sincera compassione per una protagonista, tanto letterariamente sfruttata, che forse fu un poco vittima anche di s stessa, ma perch si trov imprigionata in una di quelle gabbie ideologiche il senso della dinastia, l origine divina del potere regio di cui la storia disseminata e da cui ben difficile uscire Forse la figura della rivale Elisabetta avrebbe meritato un abbozzo pi strutturato, ma ci compatibile con la metodologia biografica Nel complesso, una biografia che vale la pena di leggere.

  10. Mary Ellen Zogg-McKinstry Mary Ellen Zogg-McKinstry says:

    Very interesting to compare to the present day situation in Europe Whether in Catalonia, with the Brexit no one seems to look further than their noses and the women are at the mercy of politics and intriguing men.

  11. Client d' Client d' says:

    A rich and detailed account on the life of Mary Queen of Scots, but still it is very easy to read and difficult to put down There are so many things we learn about the context, the states of minds of the protagonists, and a presentation of each point of views concerning some events for example about the abduction of Mary We can imagine easily the life of the real Mary, not the myth, which presents her as a very bad decision maker, albeit a passionate one, and completely enamoured about Bothwell well, here there is not the romantic story we can expect It s not all about Mary vs Elizabeth, or Mary vs the reformed religion good vs bad here, we have a much complex story, which makes it all the enjoyable to read I totally recommand it

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Mary Queen Of Scots Ground breaking One of the greatest international bestsellers of the post war period Andrew Roberts, Daily TelegraphReads like an engrossing novel Sunday TimesAn infant queen A teenage widow Beautiful, flamboyant Mary Queen of Scots had a formidable intellect but her political sense formed at the absolute court of France plunged her country into a maelstrom of intrigue, marriage and murder Upon fleeing to England she was held captive by her cousin Elizabeth I In this classic biography, reissued for the fiftieth anniversary of its publication, acclaimed historian Antonia Fraser relates the enthralling story of Marys life and untimely end