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Introduction to Flight Noted for its highly readable style, the new edition of this bestseller provides an updated overview of aeronautical and aerospace engineering Introduction to Flight blends history and biography with discussion of engineering concepts, and shows the development of flight through this perspectiveAnderson covers new developments in flight, including unmanned aerial vehicles, uninhabited combat aerial vehicles, and applications of CFD in aircraft design Many new and revised problems have been added in this edition Chapter learning features help readers follow the text discussion while highlighting key engineering and industry applications

10 thoughts on “Introduction to Flight

  1. Bruce Cowan Bruce Cowan says:

    Very readable, with many interesting historical details about the people behind the science.

  2. Customer Customer says:

    Good book, bought it for my brother as he s gonna start uni Good for beginners.

  3. Saqib M. Saqib M. says:

    Great book to get an idea of how man first got flying.

  4. Ambreen Amjad Ambreen Amjad says:


  5. Marco B. Marco B. says:

    Libro conforme alla descrizione 8 edizione EU , tempi di consegna rispettati.Il libro molto chiaro nelle spiegazioni e negli esempi, contiene elementi di aerodinamica, gasdinamica, termofluididinamica e prestazioni degli aeromobili, mi sento di consigliarlo.

  6. Riccardo Riccardo says:

    Arrivato nei tempi previsti in ottime condizioni Il libro ben scritto, consiglio a tutti coloro che studiano ingegneria aerospaziale ma anche a chi semplicemente interessato all argomento che possegga un minimo di conoscenze di analisi

  7. Dragos Dragos says:

    Full of up to date information and great compendium for the basic elements of the science of flight


    Introduttivo ma sufficientemente esaustivo Buono in primis per lo studio ma anche per lo svago, molto utili gli esercizi gi svolti.

  9. Mia Mia says:

    This book was essential for my Aero class 5 stars Gets me stuck in security every time I bring it in my carry on 1 star

  10. Customer Customer says:

    Book shipped as described Much cheaper than the 300 hard cover version of the book Only complaint is the ease of wear on the paperback, but definitely worth saving 250 on a book I will use for one semester.

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