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  • King of the World: The Life of Louis XIV
  • Philip Mansel
  • 01 July 2019
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13 thoughts on “King of the World: The Life of Louis XIV

  1. Customer Customer says:

    Very readable but at the same time a hugely detailed book which gives a fascinating insight into the life, mindset, court and country of one of the most well documented figures in French history.

  2. John Sheldon John Sheldon says:

    I think this is a very worthy book It contains a wealth of information on the reign of Louis XIV and some chapters are really interesting.But the style is heavy and, in places, plodding The book doesn t need to be so long and tighter editing would help considerably.The author describes himself as a court historian And it tells the best chapters are on Versailles and the court of Louis XIV The weakest parts are on international and national politics, religion and warfare Outside his comfort zone, the author almost appears to be slightly naive.In the end, I got through the book but I was frustrated

  3. F. Barrett F. Barrett says:

    A fascinating biography and it certainly showed the King in a different light I t also gave quite a look at life ingeneral at that time A lot of historical fact not generally associated with Louis No mention of the man in the iron mask

  4. Pontus Noren Pontus Noren says:

    This is a detailed account of Louis XIV life written and gives great insight into life at court during his reign There is a big focus on the ins and outs of individuals and I would have preferred macro political analysis as opposed to what certain princes did or thought It is academic in style and not a leisure read If that s what you are looking for this is a great book

  5. Angelo Cesar Machado Angelo Cesar Machado says:

    Very good book with a remarkable contribution to understand an important moment of the European Historie

  6. sheelagh sheelagh says:

    Brilliant writing.

  7. Marianne Marianne says:

    The author has such knowledge of the period and has written many books on European history that heis the write man to give us a new biography of a great King

  8. E S. E S. says:

    as this book was newly published I was annoyed to find that the dust cover was torn

  9. Just Flor Just Flor says:


  10. David Tooke David Tooke says:

    Enjoy the book Mansel does a very good job of avoiding over specialization and writing a series of monographs Like many of his other books, this is serious history In the fashion of so many contemporary historians, it is divided into chapters with topics like Louis and landscape Louis and the presentation of monarchy etc But the substance is excellent and inside the Schama like world history wrapping there is solid old fashioned political, military, economic and diplomatic history.Mansel is almost certainly the best informed English speaking writer to tackle the 72 years of Louis reign in a long time.His judgments are fair His writing is clear, although not as spritely as in, say, His Paris Between Empires.Note Although this hardcover was printed in the UK and appears well bound at first glance, my copy began having pages fall out on first reading Penguin should do better.

  11. C. M Mills C. M Mills says:

    Eminent French historian Philip Mansell is the author of King of the World Louis XIV Louis 1638 1714 ruled France for 72 years and is the great King in that Gallic nation s long history Louis was the son of Louis XIII and the formidable Anne of Austria He enjoyed war, hunting, music especially ballet and dancing, art, architecture, gardening and indulging his sexual drive with countless mistresses During his reign 1 He extended France s frontiers in Flanders, Netherland and Germany.2 He fostered trade and established colonies in America, Africa and India among other locales 3 He is known as the greatest royal patron of culture in European history During his reign playwrights such as Moliere, Racine and composers such as Lully flourished and were supported generously by Louis.4 He presided over the great palace complex established at Versailles and its subsidiary estates Marly and Trianon5 He was often in warfare against the Protestant nations of Europe losing the War of Austrian succession His chief rivals in his many wars were William III of the Netherlands who later became the British king and Prince Eugene of Savoy He also lost on the battlefield to Winston Churchill s famous ancestor the Duke of Marlbough.6 French fashion and commerce grew under Louis XIV France became the center of luxury and style The book contains many beautiful prints of Louis XIV the Sun King and his splendid court The text is written by an expert in French history and the reign of Louis XIV Recommended.

  12. G. Spore G. Spore says:

    Was very well written.

  13. Gerard Stuart Gerard Stuart says:

    A wonderful read Very well researched and an extensive treatment of the subject

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King of the World: The Life of Louis XIVWINNER OF THE FRANCO BRITISH SOCIETY BOOK PRIZEThe ultimate biography of the Sun King, Louis XIV Simon Sebag MontefioreA TELEGRAPH AND BBC HISTORY MAGAZINE BOOK OF THE YEARLouis XIV, King of France and Navarre, dominated his age In the second half of the seventeenth century, he extended France s frontiers into the Netherlands and Germany, and established colonies in America, Africa and India Louisiana, which once occupied a third of the territory of the present day United States, is named after him Louis was also one of the greatest patrons of European history Moli re, Racine, Lully, Le Brun, le N tre all worked for him The stupendous palace he built at Versailles, and its satellites at Marly and Trianon, became the envy of monarchs all over Europe, frequently imitated but never surpassed In all his palaces, Louis encouraged dancing, hunting, music and gambling He loved conversation, especially with women the power of women in Louis s life and reign is a particular theme of this bookLouis was obsessed by the details of government, and travelled extensively around his kingdom, but often his choices for ministers and generals proved disastrous After the death of his very able minister Colbert, the extraordinary cost of building palaces and waging continuous wars devastated French finances and helped set France on the path to revolution In , his decision to revoke toleration for Protestants damaged his country, and alienated Protestant Europe and at the end of his life, his forces were persistently defeated by the Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene of Savoy Nevertheless, by his death, he had helped make his grandson king of Spain, where his descendants still reign, and France had taken essentially the shape it has todayPhilip Mansel s King of the World is much the most comprehensive and up to date biography of this hypnotic, flawed figure in English It draws on all the latest research in France, Britain and America and pays special attention to the culture of the court, on which Mansel is an acknowledged expert It is a convincing and compelling portrait of a man who, three hundred years after his death, still epitomises the idea of le grand monarque

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