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The Sublime Object of Ideology The Elvis of cultural theory Chronicle of Higher EducationThe giant of Ljubljana provides the best intellectual high since Anti Oedipus The Village VoiceThe most formidably brilliant exponent of psychoanalysis, indeed of cultural theory in general, to have emerged in many decadesTerry EagletonUnafraid of confrontation and with a near limitless grasp of pop symbolism The Timesiek is a thinker who regards nothing as outside his field the result is deeply interesting and provocative Guardianiek is one of the few living writers to combine theoretical rigor with compulsive readability Publishers Weeklyiek leaves no social or cultural phenomenon untheorized, and is master of the counterintuitive observation New YorkerSlavoj iek, the maverick philosopher, author of overbooks, acclaimed as the Elvis of cultural theory, and todays most controversial public intellectual His work traverses the fields of philosophy, psychoanalysis, theology, history and political theory, taking in film, popular culture, literature and jokesall to provide acute analyses of the complexities of contemporary ideology as well as a serious and sophisticated philosophy His recent films The Perverts Guide to the Cinema and iekreveal a theorist at the peak of his powers and a skilled communicator Now Verso is making his classic titles, each of which stand as a core of his ever expanding lifes work, available as new editions Each is beautifully re packaged, including new introductions from iek himself Simply put, they are the essential texts for understanding ieks thought and thus cornerstones of contemporary philosophy The Sublime Object of Ideology Slavoj ieks first book is a provocative and original work looking at the question of human agency in a postmodern world In a thrilling tour de force that made his name, he explores the ideological fantasies of wholeness and exclusion which make up human society