Wild Colour: How to Make and Use Natural Dyes PDF/EPUB

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Wild Colour: How to Make and Use Natural Dyes Love it This very beautiful book is also an amazing reference for using natural dyes I use it in my teaching and my students enjoy using it as well. This practical and inspiring guide to creating and using natural dyes from plants, offers information on current environmentally friendly dyeing techniques and thanspecies of plants and natural dyestuffs This comprehensive book outlines how to Select fibres and plant parts Choose the right methods for mordanting and dyeing Obtain a range of gorgeous colours from every plant Wild Colour is the all in one resource for fibre enthusiasts, including knitters, sewers and weavers gardeners who are interested in new uses for traditional dye plants and eco conscious DIYers who want authoritative information about the natural dyeing process and the plants that are essential for it This book was highly recommended by my teacher on a natural dying course I took It s very informative and practical and supplemented the knowledge I gained on the course It s very detailed and comprehensive but very easy to follow Excellent book interesting book that explains hings well A superbly informative and practical book. Fantastic book, I am new to dying wool and this book is well laid out making all the information I need easier to find Perfectly written each detail explained so well when you just need on process.I love this book and all the information in it This is a clear and easy to use book on dyeing There are lots of handy tips and invaluable instructions There are none of the hyper precise measuring and documenting that makes dyeing so intimidating for new potential dyers However, it is easy to see what you get with different techniques and processes as well as differing amounts of dye.I like the colour pictures and the description of some of the most common plant dye sources I also enjoyed the short history and the 25 colours from one dye bath workshop This book is one to keep and use over and over, I think. Think I got the wrong book It s a beautifully done informative book on what plants to use for dying material Unfortunately I was looking for an eco printing dying book Never mind when I have the time haha I shall try put some of the knowledge into practice Thank you.