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Brit(ish): On Race, Identity and Belonging Anti British sentiment by way of judgments about Sir Winston Churchill, Cecil John Rhodes and colonialism which are then used to draw negative inferences generally about people of white British ancestry and ethnicity is also a form of racism Ms Hirsch puts forward historical accounts and compelling arguments about systemic racism in the British context, but she does come perilously close on occasion to falling into the above mentioned trap. This is a book about the challenges faced by BAME people in a white oriented world The author also highlights some previously suppressed information about the racist beliefs of some important European historical figures.Overall, a good addition to the library of anyone interested in the above. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book I found it hard hitting, yet entirely relatable I too am mixed race, and I have experienced many of the real things that Hirsch documents, such as being followed around a shop, and always feeling like you re not quite sure where belong My daily fears of not being a good immigrant I was born here and constant curiousness around my origin, hair, etc, are captured brilliantly by Hirsch.Hirsch does a particularly good job of blowing open the problems with any discussion around race in Britain We don t do a good job of talking about we instead leave it to fester and do our racism in the British way hidden, subtle, and muted.I felt that Hirsch did a good job of taking us through her life and framing it within the grander context of race and identity in the societies that she s lived in, both in Europe and in Africa She also manages to cover a wide range of subjects around race and identity, ranging from expected underachievement right through to stereotypes around sexual behaviour The opening section of the chapter about sexual perceptions was particularly eye opening as it was first hand research of nights dedicated to the sexualising of black men at a swingers club As a side note, I think the reviews of this book alone could be the subject of a short investigation Hirsch has become a boogeyman figure for the alt right just take a look at the responses to anything she tweets about It s unfortunate because those that see her as this boogeyman figure would actually get a lot from this book. So thought provoking Afua is obviously a very intelligent woman Has done extensive research on the different areas of identity I found it fascinating and I had to put the book down at different points just so I could process what was being said It really evokes a lot for me in my own identity issues and brought home the experience of being other than And does not shy away from topics that in society we tend not to want to talk about. TheSunday Times bestseller that reveals the uncomfortable truth about race and identity in Britain todayYou re British Your parents are British Your partner, your children and most of your friends are British So why do people keep asking where you re from We are a nation in denial about our imperial past and the racism that plagues our present Brit ishis Afua Hirsch s personal and provocative exploration of how this came to be and an urgent call for change The book for our divided and dangerous times David Olusoga Hirsch does justice to a much avoided and misrepresented topic race and identity in Britain This book gives a powerful insight into the experiences of migrant communities living in the UK during the wake of Brexit and the disturbingly growing levels of neo fascism in the UK I must read for anyone looking to understand 21st century issues surrounding race in the UK. Really good to get a perspective of what it s like to black live in a white middle class area Well worth a read. Really insightful, quite an easy read Would appeal to all , especially those who identify as British as they were born in Britain but still have their background questioned I enjoyed reading this book, I feel that all people of British Heritage, should understand how the children of the Empire identify themselves today. So sad that one can make a living through a book when they themselves are utterly and intentionally confused about an identity they ve obviously sorted out This is not a book of one coming to an understanding of who theyinstead, this is a book of one profiting by repeating the same points and contradictions of one who is not in touch with their perspective of their social relations with people in their immediate surroundings This book is proof that college training without sufficient life experiences and adventures is simply devoid of the brevity, humility, and social awareness that accompanies an educated person The book is part informative, a great part whining, and a small but insufficient part gratitude for something the author had nothing to do with namely, what she got at birth What will she do for others as a barrister is the real question and the end or the beginning of her real life adventure This book was her mind s great ability to take something so tiny and turn it into a great moral question or some insight to a characteristic she so nobly possesses The book felt like it wanted to be a novel, a work of fiction, but somehow had to be an autobiography that became an hagiography of the author by the author It is an example of the unclear motivation for the book despite the expressed statement that it is an adventure of identity.

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Brit(ish): On Race, Identity and Belonging book, this is one of the most wanted Afua Hirsch author readers around the world.

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