Inventing Ourselves: The Secret Life of the Teenage Brain

Inventing Ourselves: The Secret Life of the Teenage Brain Winner of the Royal Society Insight Investment Science PrizeUp to the minute brain science from a world class scientist Sarah Jayne Blake explains how the adolescent brain transforms as it develops and shapes the adults we become Beautifully written with clarity, expertise and honesty about the most important subject for all of us I couldn t put it down Professor Robert Winston Drawing upon her cutting edge research Professor Blake explores What makes the adolescent brain different Why does an easy child become a challenging teenager What drives the excessive risk taking and the need for intense friendships common to teenagers Why it is that many mental illnesses depression, addiction, schizophrenia begin during these formative yearsAnd she shows that while adolescence is a period of vulnerability, it is also a time of enormous creativity and opportunity

7 thoughts on “Inventing Ourselves: The Secret Life of the Teenage Brain

  1. Dr Tim O'Brien Dr Tim O'Brien says:

    Sarah Jayne Blake has written a book that deserves to be the winner of the Royal Society Award Inventing Ourselves is elegantly written and contains insight after insight about the teenage brain The author avoids the pitfall of making the book too academic and has clearly considered the audience that she is communicating with Sometimes books like this can be dry and even appear to be written solely for other academics but this is not the case here This is a book that is very easy to engage with as a reader You do not have to be a neuroscientist or an academic to understand the content The book is so accessible that you just have to be curious about the brain especially the adolescent brain and you will definitely enjoy it The author occasionally adds a personal touch by referencing her own context as a child, as a student and as a professor I really like this aspect of Inventing Ourselves it invites you into the life narrative of the author and adds a welcome dimension to the book Inventing Ourselves will help you to understand why adolescents think and behave the way they do Along the way it provides you with an evidence base from which to understand how adolescence is a critical developmental stage in understanding who we are as individuals and as social beings I strongly recommend this excellent book.

  2. Inge Inge says:

    A useful explanation of the research so far in one handy book that is easy and quick to read As a teacher and parent of teenagers, I found this very useful in identifying possible reasons as to how teaching, learning and parenting strategies work or don t work It has certainly encouraged me to read deeper into this subject.Although I have recommend this book to my colleagues, I did so with the warning that there are many personal anecdotes that become a little too distracting.

  3. Dr Catriona Ayers Dr Catriona Ayers says:

    I really enjoyed reading this well written, informative book It made me think carefully about how to approach my children s impending adolescence.

  4. Stefan Stefan says:

    Certainly an interesting book You find out many about the brain and neuroscience in general What I miss is a clear focus on the claimed subject.Sadly the author follows a current trend to use the book to tell us her story She is far from being the only one but it is a nuisance.

  5. MC MC says:

    Fantastic book Cutting edge neuroscientific view of adolescence, but written in a way that is understandable for lay readers like interested parents or teachers Personal stories from the author add to the authenticity of the narrative Overall, this book is extremely helpful in understanding adolescents and will change the way you parent or teach.

  6. Ott Ott says:

    This book is well written and offers deep insight into what makes teeneagers tick It doesn t offer any clear cut solutions on how to deal with adolescents, but it gives you a lot of what you need to know to develop the approaches you might need.

  7. Customer Customer says:

    A fascinating exploration of how the self evolves in young people revealing the essential determinants of brain sructure,etc by relating them to psychological patterns of behaviour.

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