Elizabeth's Rival: The Tumultuous Tale of Lettice Knollys,

Elizabeth's Rival: The Tumultuous Tale of Lettice Knollys, Countess of Leicester U 50x66Michele s review Jun 19, 2018 editit was amazingThis is a really interesting and easy to read biography of an extraordinary life in Tudor England The author has conducted extensive research my Kindle edition finishes showing 65% read so the remainder is references and, most importantly, has written in style that is interesting and engaging I had studied Tudor history at school, many years ago, and this book brings the court of Elizabeth to life, adding a lot detail about the lives and legacies of characters with whom we are familiar Queen Elizabeth 1 was certainly a difficult woman to know, especially for the ladies around her censoring their relationships and banning them from court if they married or crossed her Being her favourite as a man wasn t much easier, it must be said Lettuce Knollys was a remarkable woman who was related to Elizabeth, became her friend and foe, marrying three times and dying at over 90 years old Her resilience in the face of the Queen s anger against her and those around her was truly amazing, and her bravery for marrying the Queen s favourite the Earl of Essex was astounding A great read that I would recommend.P.S The only problem with a Kindle edition is that there are no illustrations and the family trees are so small as to be illegible Fascinating, every bit as good as I had expected. Other reviewers comments warned me about the perhaps and maybe in this book but I was further shocked by the poor grasp of English grammar by the author who instead of whom , a single subject noun followed by a plural verb, and also may instead of might In one chapter I lost count of the number of times we were reminded that Elizabeth was the Virgin Queen Throughout the book there were several examples of sentence inflation such as the entirety of her reign This is a technique used by students to pad out an essay when a particular word count is needed Surely a university lecturer should be able to do better than that.It is just possible that Tallis could have produced with a readable book by using imagination to produce a historical novel from the thin source material available. This new biography tells the extraordinary life of Lettice Knollys, Countless of Leicester who lived through to the age of 91 outliving three husbands and all of her children and many of her grand children Tudor historian Nicola Tallis recounts her life in 22 concise and distinct chapters which reveal her fascinating and complex life For two decades Lettice had been the darling of the court and was Queen Elizabeth I,s, closest and most important lady of the bedchamber Lettice had married Robert Devereaux, Earl of Essex and the father of her children Their marriage had been somewhat ill tempered and hot headed Essex went to serve the Queen in Ireland and the endless campaigns and awful weather took its toll on the Earl s health and he died an early death thus creating Lettice a widow In 1578 The Countess of Essex remarried in secret to none other than the Queens favorite courtier Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester This outraged the notoriously hot headed Queen and Lettice was banished from the court and faced long periods of prison and isolation Despite these difficulties this was a happy marriage marred only by the death of their only son Robert, Lord Denbigh at the age of just 7 After Dudley s death she mourned him ardently for the rest of her life but she did marry for a third time to Christopher Blount The Countess of Leicester never regained favor at court but was a good mother and had an excellent relationship with her large and extended family Her son Robert, Earl of Essex did become Elizabeth s chief favorite and darling in the later years of her reign but he over reached himself and openly rebelled against her which failed dramatically, resulting in his execution in 1601 This was a death knell for his grieving mother but she recovered to become a formidable matriarch living on into the reign of King Charles I Her life was full of passion, grandeur, lovers and wealth but also times of penury, exile and disgrace This brilliant book by a brilliant new Tudor historian is a lively and engaging read which will have you hooked from beginning to end Its about an amazing and intriguing woman who will leave you breathless from beginning to end I urge you to order your copy from now. The first biography of Lettice Knollys, one of the most prominent women of the Elizabethan eraCousin to Elizabeth I and very likely also Henry VIII s illegitimate granddaughter Lettice Knollys had a life of dizzying highs and pitiful lows Darling of the court, entangled in a love triangle with Robert Dudley and Elizabeth I, banished from court, plagued by scandals of affairs and murder, embroiled in treason, Lettice would go on to lose a husband and beloved son to the executioner s axe Living to the astonishing age of ninety one, Lettice s tale gives us a remarkable, personal lens on to the grand sweep of the Tudor Age, with those closest to her often at the heart of the events that defined it In the first ever biography of this extraordinary woman, Nicola Tallis s dramatic narrative takes us through those events, including the religious turmoil, plots and intrigues of Mary, Queen of Scots, attempted coups, and bloody Irish conflicts, among others Surviving well into the reign of Charles I, Lettice truly was the last of the great Elizabethans

  • Hardcover
  • Elizabeth's Rival: The Tumultuous Tale of Lettice Knollys, Countess of Leicester
  • Nicola Tallis
  • 24 May 2018
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