The Co-Op's Got Bananas: A Memoir of Growing Up in the

The Co-Op's Got Bananas: A Memoir of Growing Up in the Post-War North A poignantand very personal childhood memoir of growing up in Cumbria during the Second World War and into the s, from columnist Hunter Davies Despite the struggle to make ends meet during the tough years of warfare in the s and rationing persisting until the early s, life could still be sweet Especially if you were a young boy, playing football with your pals, saving up to go to the movies at the weekend, and being captivated by the latest escapade of Dick Barton on the radio Chocolate might be scarce, and bananas would be a pipe dream, but you could still have fun In an excellent social memoir from one of the UKs premier columnists over the past five decades, Hunter Davies captures this period beautifully His memoir of growing up in post war North of England fromonwards, amid the immense damage wrought by the Second World War, and the dreariness of life on rationing, very little luxuries and an archaic educational system, should be one that will resonate with thousands of readers across Britain In the same vein as Robert Douglass Night Song of the Last Tramand Alan JohnsonsThis Boy, Hunters memories of a hard life laced with glorious moments of colour and emotion will certainly strike a vein with his generation

  • Hardcover
  • The Co-Op's Got Bananas: A Memoir of Growing Up in the Post-War North
  • Hunter Davies
  • 09 June 2019
  • 147115341X

About the Author: Hunter Davies

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Co Op's Got Bananas: A Memoir of Growing Up in the Post War North book, this is one of the most wanted Hunter Davies author readers around the world.

12 thoughts on “The Co-Op's Got Bananas: A Memoir of Growing Up in the Post-War North

  1. Zulu Warrior Zulu Warrior says:

    Hunter Davies born in Johnstone and living through the war eventually settled in Carlisle in 1947, his father was ill with multiple sclerosis and rationing continued, Hunter played football, was a boy scout, a member of the ABC minors club with the glow in the dark badges and did a paper roundIn 1952 he attended grammar school, took various jobs in the summer holidays, after passing exams he managed to get work experience in journalism and a teaching job, he didn t have to do national service due to asthmaAbout halfway through this book it became very boring, I rarely will not finish a book but this one was going nowhere and I put it down

  2. Alastair Wilson (Author) Santiago On Two Feet Alastair Wilson (Author) Santiago On Two Feet says:

    This book transports you back in time with excellent accounts of the Authors childhood experiences and council estate upbringing with no heating in the houses but with great enjoyment from the freedom to play outside without vehicles and strange people to worry about for both the children and the parents The humour and warmth within the book is interwoven in all aspects of his growing up experiences in every chapter which brings a smile to your face as you read This book would be a great gift on Mothers day Fathers day or a birthday Christmas from a son or daughter to their parents who could fully relate to the entire period covered Also a great holiday read as it will transport you way back in time to a different era, but one with many benefits from living life with basicsbut also having wonderful memories of the good times Fantastic.

  3. Sandra Patterson Sandra Patterson says:

    Bought this based on articles I ve read of his in the past Wish I hadn t bothered i know autobiographies are not laugh a minute but they should be reasonably interesting Unfortunately I also ordered the follow on book at the same time, so when ploughing through this I found myself thinking God I ve got another one to go yet

  4. janice W janice W says:

    I bought it because, like other books I have read, it seemed it would be an interesting account of the auther s life starting before the second world war and onwards But it s not the sort of book I care to read and I ll be careful never to get any of his books again Going to university in the early 1950s doesn t seem to have helped him consider what would be suitable to include in his autobiography.

  5. mary collins D M Collins mary collins D M Collins says:

    This autobiography would, I suspect, never have been published had the author not already been an established writer His is a fairly unremarkable story and it is not well written in fact deliberately avoiding anything which could be called a literary style I found it boring and unimpressive.

  6. Musiclady Musiclady says:

    A very readable memoir, very personal and in some ways only observational rather than emotional There are parts which lack depth but offer lots of insights to life at the time It s not everyone s life, not everyone will recall their school test scores but then not everyone escapes and makes a good life for themselves as an engaging writer.

  7. lorraine lorraine says:

    I ve just finished reading this book and it was much enjoyable than I thought it would be It ends in 1960 when the author has married his girlfriend, Margaret Forster, and as yet to become an author herself It is certainly very detailed about growing up in different places due to his father s job, and also how he gets on being a journalist.His new book, A Life in the Day has just come out, and carries on from 1960 I shall definitely be buying it.

  8. ChrisD ChrisD says:

    The book is well written by Hunter Davies and describes his upbringing in Scotland and Carlisle and includes his education at Durham University as well as his marriage to Margaret Forster.The reason I bought it was because I am 15 years younger than him but was brought up in southern Scotland and then in Carlisle attending the same schools I was lovely to be reminded of the areas he described.I am looking forward to reading the second installment of his autobiography which I am guessing he is writing.

  9. Customer Customer says:

    Great read thoroughly enjoyed must read of his books particularly about the 1960s Looking forward to finishing this review

  10. mmary alice pape mmary alice pape says:

    I wanted to write about my life in the Raffles but life got in the way I have lived in France for 20 years but this book sent my mind back to those days of my childhood and my life in Carlisle until 1999 when I left.So many thanks.

  11. Valerie J.Hare Valerie J.Hare says:

    Loved it, I lived it and it took me back.

  12. Enid dodds Enid dodds says:

    Write the next half please Great for readers who enjoy the writing of both hunter davies and his wife Margaret Forster.

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