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    The story of a Scottish hero.

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    very enjoyable shall peruse at length

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    I have a soft spot for Robert the Bruce and his family I have already written of his daughter Marjorie, wife Elizabeth de Burgh and 2 of his sisters, Christian and Mary, women who suffered under the heavy hand of Edward I due to their relationship with Robert the Bruce and his ambition for an independent Scotland King Robert I the Bruce is an enigmatic figure, whose conflicted loyalties saw him change sides on a number of occasions during the early years of his career.So, of course I have been eagerly awaiting Robert the Bruce Champion of a Nation ever since I first heard that Stephen Spinks was writing it And it does not disappoint Beautifully written and presented, Stephen Spinks tells the incredible story of Robert the Bruce and the fight for Scottish independence with great passion and enthusiasm This is a wonderful book for any fan of Robert the Bruce and Scottish history in general.Robert the Bruce Champion of a Nation doesn t sugar coat Robert the Bruce s actions, it examines the good and the bad in detail, from his support for Edward I in his early years, to the fateful murder of John Comyn that set him on the road to his coronation, a race against time to become king before the inevitable sentence of excommunication could be passed.The author uses the primary sources of both England and Scotland, to present the story of Bruce s fight to gain and hold on to the Scottish throne Analytical and highlighting source bias, Stephen Spinks presents Robert the Bruce as a flawed hero, like all kings, whose personal and political ambition is balanced by opposition within a deeply divided Scotland, and a personal cost to him and his family that few of us could bare.Robert the Bruce Champion of a Nation is a wonderful, entertaining and informative read from beginning to end Insightful and analytical, it puts every known aspect of Robert the Bruce s life under the microscope, from his family, ambitions and military capabilities, to his health and leadership Author Stephen Spinks examines Bruce s actions and motivations in great detail, painting a fascinating portrait of the man and king.Robert the Bruce Champion of a Nation by Stephen Spinks is a must read for anyone interested in Scottish history, and one of the best non fiction books I have read in recent years It is thoroughly enjoyable, totally engaging and impossible to put down.I received a review copy of this book from the publisher.

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Robert the Bruce: Champion of a Nation Robert the Bruce is a man of both history and legend In his lifetime he secured Scottish independence in the face of English imperial aggression under the successive leadership of Edward I and Edward II He was the victor of Bannockburn, a self made king against all odds, and is celebrated as a champion of the Scottish nation Yet Robert s colourful life is far from straightforward Stephen Spinks seeks to examine this most enigmatic of kings beyond the myths to reveal him in the context of his time, his people and in his actions Stephen shows that Robert was a complex man, confronted by hardships and difficult and often dangerous decisions He was not born to rule As the murderer of John Comyn, a rival for the Scottish crown, Bruce sent shockwaves across Europe and was condemned by kings and popes In war he suffered terrible personal loss, including the deaths of all four of his brothers and the imprisonment of his wife, daughter and two sisters, all at the hands of the English He was at times a desperate yet focussed and highly determined man Robert was also astute, breaking the rules of chivalry to even the odds, systematically fighting a guerrilla war against the English which he ultimately won Yet he also cultivated the symbols of kingship, was pious, careful with his patronage and fought to uphold his fiercely held beliefs King Robert unified his deeply divided kingdom and secured its independence from England His dramatic life as the victorious underdog forged a significant legacy that has survived foryears