Bike Fit: Optimise your bike position for high performance

Bike Fit: Optimise your bike position for high performance and injury avoidance This practical guide, written by a leading BIKE FIT expert, takes you step by step through the BIKE FIT process to ensure you maximise your cycling potential Do you suffer from lower back pain after a long weekend ride Do your shoes wear out on one sidethan the other Are you experiencing numbness in your hands, or knee pain Phil Burt, Head Physiotherapist at British Cycling and Team Sky Consultant Physiotherapist, has worked with hundreds of cyclists to help them solve these and many other classic cycling niggles In this book he outlines his methods to help you analyse your position and get the best from your bike The right BIKE FIT can mean the difference between a good ride and a bad one, but a professional fit can costthan you paid for your bike The information is all here Let Phil Burt guide you through your own BIKE FIT, to ensure your bike and body work in harmony Packed with useful diagrams, step by step diagnostics and case studies, this is the must read for any cyclist keen to get a performance advantage

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