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Parmenides Ok You can get Plato online for free, but Parmenides is not a dialogue you want to just read any translation.Gill s translation is according to my Plato professor one of the best.Her introduction was worth the price of admission She offers cogent analyses of the text, bit by bit, as well as putting the story in context and making some sense of what is otherwise a bewildering barrage of arguments. A relatively new translation with an excellent introductory essay by the translator Physically, too, a good quality book.Here and there I found this translation formal, and touch less readable, than the older, Jowett translation.The dialogue itself is quite difficult, aggravating, and weird, but generally considered in the group of Plato s major works The nominal topic is the One which lies between logic and ontology , but it is also about what grounds knowledge the Forms , as well as being a thorough demonstration of dialectical method It can all seem quite empty at first glance mere word games but by the end I was glad I d read it Discussing it in a group improved the experience immeasurably. Meh It is FREE How can free be bad THANK YOU Most people have probably never heard of Parmenides, but his influence on Western philosophy is indelible Plato s entire philosophy was guided by Parmenides, who Plato considered the grandfather of philosophy.Even though much of Parmenides writings and ideas are gone, his poem On Nature is the crux of his philosophy, and is still regarded as the textbook on the nature of reality. Class Item delivered on time, was as described Gill s and Ryan s Parmenides is, simply, superb the Introduction, than a hundred pages long, is transparently clear, takes the reader meticulously through the arguments, avoids perverseness, and still manages to make sense of the dialogue as a whole there is a fine selective bibliography and those parts of the translation I have looked at in detail suggest that it too is very good indeed Christopher Rowe, Phronesis The same book in Greek is 208 pages WITH the translation to Modern Greek from Ancient Greek, EVERYONE in this world has a right to see it with a clear vision and study it without the prologue of 293 pages THAT is democracy

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