You Are the Umpire: An Illustrated Guide to the Laws of

  • You Are the Umpire: An Illustrated Guide to the Laws of Cricket
  • Paul Trevillion
  • 28 May 2019
  • 0852650779

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You Are the Umpire: An Illustrated Guide to the Laws of CricketAs an ECB ACO qualified umpire I think this is a really good book for testing you knowledge of the Laws of Cricket with many obscure and unusual but they do happen incidents requiring you judgement and decisions Unfortunately as with all books of this type it is now a little out of date owing to changes in numerous Laws of Cricket and as a result some but only a few of the answers are now WRONG.The book is a drawing masterpiece by Paul Trevillion as well as a great source of biographical details for many of the world s greatest cricketers of recent years.If you are an aspiring umpire this will be an ideal addition to your library not only for your own usage but also in helping to prepare you for ACO umpire qualifications A batsman s bat breaks in half mid shot He trips on the piece of broken blade, knocking it back into the stumps Is he out hit wicket At Canterbury in the old days, before the big tree died a ball strikes the upper branches and leaves of the tree but still clears the boundary What do you signal A batsman is struck on the helmet Dazed, he walks into his stumps The fielding team appeal What do you decide Paul Trevillion, Europe s foremost sports illustrator, has teamed up with ex professional cricket and test umpire John Holder to produce this entertaining and informative guide to the laws of cricket Based on the hugely popular Observer comic strip and embellished with anecdotes from John Holder s thirty five years in top class cricket, this book is a treasure trove for all fans of this beautiful, compelling sometimes frustrating game THE BOOK ARRIVED WITH A SMALL DAMAGE TO TOP LEFT HAND CORNER OF FRONT A SLIGHT SCUFF TO TOP LEFT HAND CORNER OF BACK.HAVING READ NUMEROUS STRIPS I N THE OBSERVER, IT IS GOOD TO HAVE THEM IN BOOK FORM I DO QUESTION SOME PROFILES IN THE BOOK.THE DRAWINGS ARE TOP NOTCH IT SHOWS TIMES WE DON T KNOW AS MUCH ABOUT THE RULES AS WE THINK.THERE S LOTS OF FUN TO BE HAD TESTING YOURSELF I ve been playing and umpiring as us players in the lower leagues have to for over 25yrs I admit I thought I knew the Laws of cricket and how to judge certain bizarre occurances on the field of play, but I d never considered a sneezing wicket keeper or a cow wandering onto the outfield.This book with its combination of strange senarios combined with the mini biographies of a whole host of players both past and present, make it an excellent addition to anybodies cricket library. Excellently priced, produced and illustrated Gives the umpire or would be umpire plenty to think about Very good book Recommended Bought specially for a 9 year old child who asked so many questions about the game He has enjoyed reading it and now is set to continue his enjoyment of batting, bowling, fielding, scoring, and umpiring but not yet Could be read through and or used as a reference book It is attractive and easy to use once the upside down answers are found but it is good that they are on the same page as the question and not see page xyz for the answer An envelope could be placed inside the back cover to update the laws of cricket as they emerge. Excellent book to just pick up and read the oddities of the rules and reasons for decisions Just hope that as an umpire you never meet these events Just the book for the pavilion on a wet day, the only problem is that everyone will want to look at it I have not got my copy back yet. A large ,well illustrated book.I found this a bit hard to handle as one had to keep inverting it to read the answers.I found it useful to check my understanding of the laws of cricket,in the early days of qualifying to stand in the middle, but now a bit dated as laws have been update twice since it was published Molto ma molto divertente con tanti situazioni strani ho comprato due copie per amici avendo gi acquistato per me un anno fa 10 10 test yourself and friends Gave it as a gift Was thanked

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