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Playfair Cricket Annual 2013 o Coverage of the 2012 season, including the LV County Championship, Clydesdale Bank 40 and the Friends Life t20o Detailed register of all current first class county players and umpires, including career bests in international Twenty20 matcheso County records and 2012 first class averageso Current county players first class and List A limited overs career recordso Test match scores and averages March 2012 February 2013 o Women s Test match and limited overs international recordso Register of probable New Zealand and Australian touring teams and series recordso Review of Twenty20 World Cup, IPL and Champions League Twenty20o 2013 fixtures, including 2nd XI and Minor Counties

8 thoughts on “Playfair Cricket Annual 2013

  1. M. A. Richardson M. A. Richardson says:

    I did not realize I had not posted a review on this Well worth the money and I also bought the 2014 version and will order 2015 as well A lot of reviewers have complained about the quality of the paper You have got to remember that it is a pocket book and only meant for a few short months I have kept mine and will also keep 2014 and so on They are handy to check up on My book goes with me to all crikcet matches I go to each player is listed for the club they play for for that year when and where they were orn.and who they have played for in the past, if they have a famous father, grandfather All the information you need Back to the quality of the paper if a better quality was used like in the Wisden year book then you would have to triple and perhaps thr price.

  2. TheBoyJeep TheBoyJeep says:

    Next year s Playfair Cricket Annual will be my thirtieth Throughout every summer the latest issue sits beside my armchair and provides useful, easily found information on the players, history, records and achievements in the greatest of all games, Cricket.Additionally, as of necessity this is only a small pocket sized publication the content changes as the years go by, the library of previous issues which now have their own shelf in my bookcase provide very useful references to players now long retired when they were at their prime.I would not be without this little book Wisden it is not but it certainly packs a lot into a compact publication Test match broadcasting, in particular, has improved immeasurably over the past thirty years but commentators and experts often raise as many questions as they answer and the information they do not provide is usually there in Playfair.

  3. Mr. N. D. C. Cox Mr. N. D. C. Cox says:

    As always, this annual answers all the major questions for a cricket supporter Who is playing for which county, all the test match results and all major and many minor fixtures for the coming season Not as comprehensive as Wisden but then it is a fraction if the price of that publication Easy to have in the pocket and the most commonly visible publication at county grounds

  4. super blue super blue says:

    If you have seen a previous edition of this book then you will know how good it is and won t be reading reviews in detail.If not, you need it It summarises all Tests from the past year with career records, the county season with career records, player profiles and fixtures, general records and probable touring squads for New Zealand and Australia, all for under eight pounds.

  5. Mr. A. J. Willson Mr. A. J. Willson says:

    This little book has everything you need to drive your wife crazy When you are sitting in the bubble watching cricket and she comes into the room and asks a question you can pick up the book and start to answer with a cornucopia of data She goes away quickly and you can get back to watching the cricket.

  6. Toby Toby says:

    I m a member of Lancashire County Cricket Club and purchase the Playfair Annual each season It s a mine of information, particularly the pen portraits of the players, and a must have book for me when at Old Trafford and when watching live matches on Sky.

  7. A. Sturley A. Sturley says:

    I ve bought annually and kept every edition barring the first two Gives the cricket fan all of the basic statistical information one needs plus mini career records of current players and fixture lists Compact and still pocketable.

  8. Jane Mann Jane Mann says:

    Bought this for my husbands birthday and he is constantly referring to it Lists all the clubs, past and present players and fixtures for the coming season It is permantly on the coffee table and not gathering dust on the bookshelf

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