Kevin Pietersen on Cricket: The toughest opponents, the

Kevin Pietersen on Cricket: The toughest opponents, the greatest battles, the game we love In , Kevin Pietersen s autobiography was one of the most talked about sporting media stories of the year, largely due to the shockwaves it sent through the cricketing establishment Now, Kevin turns his focus to events on the pitch, offering his views on what it takes to be a successful cricketer in the modern age This summer s Ashes series has demonstrated just how demanding and unpredictable the game has become, and Kevin is ideally perhaps uniquely placed to comment on those developments In KEVIN PIETERSEN ON CRICKET we ll see exactly how today s player approaches batting, bowling, bowling, captaincy, preparation, and many other aspects of the game itself, through the prism of the author s own experience We ll see what it s like to face a bowler like Mitchell Johnson at his menacing best, learn how cricketers cope with the challenges presented by foreign climates and conditions, and gain a fresh understanding of how players manage the psychological side of the game

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