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King and Outlaw: The Real Robert the Bruce After only a few pages it was very apparent that this is not a reliable scholarly work Factual errors, unsupported assertions and glib assumptions characterise the author s approach here I returned the Kindle book for a refund Readers interested in Robert Bruce would do much better to read Fiona Watson s book or any of the many serious scholarly works available, most of which are perfectly accessible and engaging as well as accurate and properly referenced This effort smacks of a hastily cobbled attempt to cash in on the Netflix film If this lack of quality and academic rigour is what we can expect in the new age of digital publishing then buyer beware Chris Brown does his own academic reputation a serious disservice with this offering. Not what I d expected at all for such a wee book I simply could not put it down For a clear romp through the life of Robert the Bruce this book will be hard to beat Unlike worthy tomes, which quote all the references, Chris Brown s account has stripped the story to the bone without producing a pulp fiction I can highly recommend this for a simple, but detailed and accurate biography of his subject With one or two surprising revelations along the way Well done Chris Brown. Excellent reading learnt a lot Would love to read on Robert the Bruce of Scotland Auhor Chris Brown good work Brill film This will teach me to look at page counts, because I was expecting a reasonable length scholarly and well written book on the real history of Robert the Bruce from whom, like a great many other people, I am descended Instead, it is shockingly brief and cheaply printed and I am not kidding illustrated with random clip art A line drawing or a portcullis or gauntlet, a bad photo of the Declaration of Arbroath, slung down on the page without any citation or explanation The author is described as a historian at St Andrews University, which happens to be where I studied Scottish and medieval history in the early 1970s, and I can tell you that the myths about Robert the Bruce which he claims he will debunk were well known as falsehoods even then There is nothing new here, and worse, he either assumes the reader knows everything or nothing about the Scottish Wars of Independence, I m not sure which Historical names are dropped with no preamble The first mention of James Douglas James Douglas is a one sentence mention that he led a raid, but there has been no previous mention of Douglas to let us know when he joined Robert or why he just MIGHT be worth mentioning And so it goes with other characters.I cannot imagine how this came to be published My best guess is that it is a series of lectures and not very lively ones strung together to gain from the marketing of Netflix s Outlaw King, which would be a far better use of your time. This was a slimmer volume than I expected and only about half of it was directly connected to the Bruce the other half is a brief social history of Scotland in the period The book was a good introduction to Bruce but I was looking for something in depth All the same, the book is well written and interesting for what it is. The iconic figure of Robert the Bruce has gone down through the centuries as one of the most remarkable leaders of all time With equal parts tenacity and ruthlessness, he had himself crowned King of Scotland after murdering one of his most powerful rivals, and so began the rule of an indomitable military genius unafraid of breaking convention, and than a few English heads Indeed, it was under the leadership of King Robert that the Battle of Bannockburn took place a famous victory snatched by a tiny Scots force against a larger, supposedly sophisticated English foeIn King and Outlaw medieval expert Chris Brown explores the life of Robert the Bruce, whose remarkable history has merged with legend, and reveals the true story of the outlaw king Great read

  • Paperback
  • King and Outlaw: The Real Robert the Bruce
  • Dr Chris Brown
  • 24 August 2019
  • 0750987928

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