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I Am Dynamite!: A Life of Friedrich Nietzsche The Times Biography of the YearWinner of the Hawthornden Prize Shortlisted for the HWA Non Fiction Prize Longlisted for the Rathbones Folio Prize Longlisted for the Cundhill History PrizeOutstanding The Sunday Times A revelation Guardian Wonderful The Times Riveting New StatesmanFriedrich Nietzsche s work rocked the foundation of Western thinking and continues to permeate our culture, high and low yet he is one of history s most misunderstood philosophers Sue Prideaux s myth shattering book brings readers into the world of a brilliant, eccentric and deeply troubled man, illuminating the events and people that shaped his life and work I Am Dynamiteis the essential biography for anyone seeking to understand Nietzsche, the philosopher who foresaw and sought solutions to our own troubled times

About the Author: Sue Prideaux

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the I Am Dynamite!: A Life of Friedrich Nietzsche book, this is one of the most wanted Sue Prideaux author readers around the world.

12 thoughts on “I Am Dynamite!: A Life of Friedrich Nietzsche

  1. Carl Carl says:

    I had heard the Author on R4 and her reasons for wanting to write the book ie get to understand the man and his ideas and disentangle his later misuse to justify all sorts of nasty things, was the same as mine I d struggled for years to really get a handle on what he was about So I was pleased to read this excellent book which goes a long way to clarifying and bringing in to focus the man and his thought processes It also paints a very clear picture of his relationships and how they shaped his ideas for good or ill or in the case of his sister rewrote them I ended up really liking the man Nietzsche as well as sympathising with many of his insights and refusal to be dogmatic And the account of his last days made me weep.One of the best non fiction books I ve read in the last 5 years Worth every one of its five stars

  2. Charles T. Charles T. says:

    I bought this book hoping to expand my general knowledge All my life, I ve encountered quotations from Nietzsche I figured I should find out about the man The book Printed in a tiny font, on very thin paper, too tightly bound to read comfortably, it is written in a style which might appeal to a Classics professor but decidedly not to the man in the street such as myself If you are looking for a coffee table book you can dip in and out of, or a comfy bedtime read this is not for you, or me, it transpires Frankly, its a struggle, containing wordy, convoluted sentences and never before encountered vocabulary with many German names which may defeat the non German reader I gleaned a few nuggets of information Sufficient to realise that he was indeed a loony tune, with strange behaviour from infancy which descended into madness before his early death, attributed to softening of the brain , which leads me to question his privately question his stature as a philosopher There is reportedly a family history of this and which while I am no medical expert, sounds suspiciously to me like congenital syphilis.

  3. Tariki Tariki says:

    Excellent biography of one of the most influential men of modern times Maybe if you have found Nietzsche too difficult to get into in any meaningful way then this could be the place to start Time and place, the small details of a life, I find often flesh out a philosophy that proves difficult to understand in its raw form and the almost staccato, aphoristic style of Nietzsche s writings invite either incomprehension or, worse, misunderstanding Sue Prideaux weaves the challenge that Nietzsche poses to us moderns into his life story, and does it well.I never really knew just how much Nietzsche suffered health wise, both intestinal and with his vision Again, just how much he moved around, throughout Europe.His sister Elizabeth is presented here as the villain of the piece and undoubtedly she was, misrepresenting Nietzsche s thoughts while he was still alive, yet mad, but so after his death Nietzsche as the forerunner of the Nazi s was the product of Elizabeth s lack of insight, deliberate misrepresentations, and simplifications So much so that, as Sue Prideaux says Ernst Krieck, a prominent Nazi ideologue, sarcastically remarked that apart from the fact that Nietzsche was not a socialist, not a nationalist and opposed to racial thinking, he could have been a leading National Socialist thinker What came across to me was a certain fragility to the man, a vulnerability Maybe just the way I read it Whatever, his life and writings are a genuine challenge and this book is an excellent place to begin facing them, even if we eventually decide to discard most if not all.I shall continue to seek to relate his thought to so called eastern ways.Recommended.

  4. johval johval says:

    Superb This very well researched biography concentrates on Nietzsche s background and private life rather than his ideas, in other words the events that went into the making of the Man Education, home life, relationship with Wagners and others etc anybody interested in the man will find fascination, delightful detail and insight on every page Very revealing in showing how background events may have shaped his thinking.

  5. Tommy the Cat Tommy the Cat says:

    I found this book a good read and lived up to its title Although there is an outline of Nietzsche s philosophy this emerges from the life story rather than being tackled separately in itself A good intro to his sometimes difficult to grasp ideas but you would need to choose a specifically philosophical text for depth.I felt the book brought out clearly that Nietzsche was not a precursor to the National Socialists this was a gross distortion arising from his sister s deep seated anti semitism From an historical perspective it also gave an insight into the pervasive anti semitic attitudes which laid the groundwork for subsequent events in Germany.

  6. Annie Annie says:

    Interesting, well researched and easy to read Superbly well written Bought for our son for Christmas as a fun read, he is studying Philosophy at Uni, and has now been read by several other family members who are not usually interested in reading Philosophy, as he keeps quoting Nietzsche.

  7. R.D.Lee R.D.Lee says:

    Quite possibly the best biography on Nietzsche Well written and full of colour Lots of insights into this truly remarkable man His sister can only be described as a nasty, wicked woman I look forward to from this author.

  8. drjonty drjonty says:

    An excellent biography and corrective, rescuing Nietzsche from the Nazis and positioning him as an eminently modern philosopher At once funny and clever, the surprise for me was how moving it felt Nietzsche led a sad tragic life which posthumously went even worse.

  9. entrecielos.co Customer entrecielos.co Customer says:

    I read this book in the hope of understanding Nietsche Did I succeed No To be quite honest, I did not get he feeling that the authores of this book really understood Nietsche either Having said all this, I do have to admit ,there were a few gold nuggets to be found here, e.g Become who you are I.e discard the baggage of race,family and society Another one of Nietsche s golden nuggets, is his holding up Christian beliefs against the light, only to find them sorely wanting.There must be better books on Nietsche.

  10. Cliente entrecielos.co Cliente entrecielos.co says:

    Gli accenni ai suoi pensieri mancano troppo di dignit un uomo che scriveva delle opere, perch non leggerle, se se ne vuol parlare Se manca calma e tempo, consiglio il titolo Opinioni di una Star.Potrebbe esserci luce proprio quando faceva musica, con Cosima, da soli.

  11. Cunningham James Cunningham James says:

    The context in which Nietzsche lived, his ideas, and why they were viewed as a threat by the ruling elite in an age of nationalist imperialism There are striking parallels with our own socio political environment.

  12. Hack99 Hack99 says:

    Not Frederick, but his sister Tragic how her anti semitism warped the essential message of Nietzsche.

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