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Caligula: The Corruption of Power (Roman Imperial Biographies) Absolutely amazing account on one of the most misunderstood historical figures in Italian and European history.The portrayal of the Roman emperor is exellent Really good work A masterpiece of academic while engaging storytelling. This is another in the series published by Routledge on many of the Roman Emperors Anthony Barrett is a respected Roman historian, so I believe this book can be considered authoritative Caligula is an Emperor whose name is known to many, yet most would be hard pressed to say exactly what it was that made Caligula s name so notorious He was only Emperor for four years, and he was not even 30 years of age when he died but his name lived on, not only in Rome after his death where it was good political practice to vilify the previous Emperor to set the present Emperor s reign apart , but into our own time, nearly two thousand years later.This book seeks to retrieve Caligula from overwhelmingly good or overwhelmingly bad press, which is what he seems to generally receive authors and historians tend to have strong views on Caligula and his achievements, and the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle With what sources are available, a balanced approach is sometimes difficult to achieve in the maelstrom of early Imperial Roman politics but this book is a worthy attempt to offer a view on Caligula, his life, and his rule which is neither partisan nor hostile Barrett quite clearly states that conclusions that he reaches in the book are those which, in his opinion, the sources seem most reasonably to lead to Barrett s view of Caligula is that he was intelligent, but arrogant and completely filled with his own sense of importance he lacked any moral responsibility, and was quite unsuited to rule an empire Caligula was raised to the position of Princeps largely on the somewhat undeserved reputation of his dead father, and because of a lack of competition from any other suitable candidates, and with the connivance of some powerful supporters it s probably not really surprising that it all went rather pear shaped once he firmly grasped the reins of power.This book is written in a very approachable manner there are very good analyses of the relationship of the Princeps with the Jewish populations, and of Caligula s building program A final chapter outlines very clearly the author s analysis of Caligula s fitness to rule Anyone seeking to understand Caligula needs first to understand Augustus and Tiberius anyone seeking to understand Claudius and Nero needs first to understand Caligula The complex issues of Roman Imperial politics and all that go with them are very clearly and engagingly explained and explored in this book I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and felt that it offered new and refreshing views on many familiar aspects, as well as raising many new points for further contemplation Highly recommended. Of all Roman emperors none, with the possible exception of Nero, surpasses Caligula s reputation for infamy But was Caligula really the mad despot and depraved monster of popular legend or the victim of hostile ancient historians In this study of Caligula s life, reign and violent death, Anthony A Barrett draws on the archaeological and numismatic evidence to supplement the later written record In Professor Barrett s view, the mystery of Caligula s reign is not why he descended into autocracy, but how any intelligent Roman could have expected a different outcome to grant total power to an inexperienced and arrogant young man was a recipe for disaster This book, scholarly and accessible, offers a careful reconstruction of Caligula s life and times, and a shrewd assessment of his historical importance.

  • Hardcover
  • Caligula: The Corruption of Power (Roman Imperial Biographies)
  • Anthony A. Barrett
  • 13 July 2017
  • 0415214858

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