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The Cycling Anthology: Volume One (1/5) THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CYCLING IN FIVE VOLUMESVolume One of The Cycling Anthology, a collection of the best writing on cycling by some of the sport s leading writers Between them, they ve covered hundreds of Tours de France and written dozens of excellent books and some have even ridden the Tour Now, their work is showcased together for the first timeVolume One features original and exclusive pieces by leading cycling writers, including William Fotheringham disects Bradley Wiggins transformation from track superstar to becoming the first Briton to win the Tour de France David Millar discusses retirement and dark secrets as his friends careers start to fade Daniel Friebe uncovers the fascinating role statistics has to play in cycling Jeremy Whittle follows Team Sky to assess the Lance Armstrong s legacy to the sport

11 thoughts on “The Cycling Anthology: Volume One (1/5)

  1. Oxted's Lanterne Rouge Oxted's Lanterne Rouge says:

    There is much in this collection of articles that is still relevant to the current debate about the state we find pro cycling in today Despite all the negativity flying about we re reminded of the positive steps forward too taken by the sport, and that not all at the top of their game have the charisma and wordpower to deal with the media in multi language full cry.


    Each section hugely informative and so well written Just long enough to entertain and whet the appetite for the next section.I really enjoyed the first volume so much that i ve ordered the rest of the series Keep them coming.

  3. Esiotrot Esiotrot says:

    An excellent collection of interesting tales from the cycling world written by people who care as well as living the cycling dream.

  4. Customer Customer says:

    if you like cycling as a spectator sport you will like this

  5. mr ray brobbin mr ray brobbin says:

    A great insight,especially the beane story which gives a truly different perspective view,great book every story brilliant,but post LA sad

  6. Mr. Francis Pellow Mr. Francis Pellow says:

    very enjoyable series of short pieces on modern cycling.

  7. Newton Cleghorn Newton Cleghorn says:

    A Good read

  8. Aglo Aglo says:

    I got this as a present for a cycling lover It consist of articles written by sports journalist in different times of history about all short of topics The only perk is that they are a series of books and if you want to have an overview or cover a wider time period you rather get them all of at least a few of them.

  9. Eccentric 911 Eccentric 911 says:

    Great concept, good collection of well written stories Easy read no doubt will be a great reference of the year it chronicles.

  10. Aidan M Aidan M says:

    A great array of cycling stories from some of the best cycling journalists of all time Can t wait to read the other volumes.

  11. Stacy Thomas Stacy Thomas says:

    Very Good Seller Item as stated.

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