Birth, Marriage & Death: Ritual, Religion and the

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Birth, Marriage & Death: Ritual, Religion and the Life-Cycle in Tudor and Stuart England I needed this book for research for the period and it is really excellent Well worth the money. Although this book tends to be very expensive, it was well worth buying It is an excellent guide to the traditions, rituals and superstition regarding birth, marriage and death in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and I d highly recommend it to anyone studying the social history of the period. I first saw this book when I visited the local library and I found it absolutely fascinating Being a vicar and a re enactor I learn so much about the period from this book Don t just take my word for it, read it I m sure that you will get a lot from it as well. This is an exceptionally in depth study of birth and death in the late Tudor and Stuart period Very thorough and highly recommended. Fascinating book I refer back to it a lot. info As a fiction writer, I need to use what REALLY happened in the past as a buttress for writing in it Chock full of great information. From childbirth and baptism through to courtship, weddings, and funerals, every stage in the life cycle of Tudor and Stuart England was accompanied by ritual Even under the protestantism of the reformed Church, the spiritual and social dramas of birth, marriage, and death were graced with elaborate ceremony Powerful and controversial protocols were in operation, shaped and altered by the influences of the Reformation, the Revolution, and the Restoration. Yes, it has many details about birth, marriage and death, but it s too informative, meaning that it shows too many records from old writings of those centuries that really just make the book too big and heavy and a little boring If the author would ve written the book focused in the interesting things and leave out so many records, it would ve been better.

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  • Birth, Marriage & Death: Ritual, Religion and the Life-Cycle in Tudor and Stuart England
  • David Cressy
  • 08 March 2019
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