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Edward IV (Penguin Monarchs): The Summer King The book came in good time and was in excellent condition No problems encountered Many thanks. Edward was a man of considerable charm, who perhaps relied too much upon that charm to keep tensions within his entourage at bay InEdward earl of March, a handsome, charismatic eighteen year old, usurped the English throne during the first and most fierce of the Wars of the Roses The years that followed witnessed a period that has been described as a golden age Yet, argues A J Pollard, Edward was a man of limited vision, who squandered his talents and failed to secure his own dynasty A bit briefer than I expected but covered the subject The Biography of Henry V in the same series was better. Great shape Arrived punctually Correct content and correct author. I really enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in finding out about Edward IV or is looking to reacquaint themselves with one of England s most charismatic kings without wading through hundreds or even thousands of pages of prose which describe his life and reign in minute detail If you are looking for that level of detail this is not the book for you and I would suggest you look elsewhere My understanding is that the purpose of the Penguin Monarchs Series is to provide, introductions, sketches or overviews of their subjects and also point readers to other related works for further reading If this is the case, I think that the author has than fulfilled his brief In just over one hundred pages of text Professor Pollard clearly and concisely outlines and explains Edward s life, from his emergence onto the national political scene through to the failure of his dynasty There may be much to admire about Edward, but there is also much of his behaviour, his actions and inactions, that justify criticism the author does so in a measured and balanced manner, without pulling his punches. A concise but highly informative account of Edward s reign It will give you some good quotes if you re researching and if you re just reading for pleasure I expect you shall enjoy it Would recommend. A good read