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Boy Racer Having an interest in cycling having taken it up a couple of years ago, but knowing nothing about professional racing, I found this book extremely interesting It is also very well written not surprisingly ghosted by a professional cycling journalist and difficult to put it down.For me the book worked on two levels First, it deals well with the paradox that appears to be Mark Cavendish himself breathtaking arrogant at times, contrite at others He is never afraid to speak his mind judging by this book He does not appear to be the most likeable person in the world, but this type of arrogance, self belief and mental attitude is probably a large part of what it takes to achieve at these levels in the incredibly hard world of professional cycling, where a 3 hour 80 mile ride is a day off.At least this book is honest enough to portray what he is like, rather than attempting to paint an airbrushed Mr Niceguy image.This version of the book which includes an Epilogue of his 2009 Tour De France six stage triumph an amazing achievement In the main section of the book he talks about how Lance Armstrong told him to save his money, and he proudly declares that he would never waste money on flash cars like many of the successful pro tourers do However, in the Epilogue section, in 2009, he declares he is driving around in an Audi R8 Perhaps he earns so much money now that a 90k car minimum is no longer considered flash Or perhaps someone gave it to him Either way, good luck to him.The second way in which this book works is on the technical side of things and it gives you an understanding of what pro cycling is all about and gives you an appreciation for it It does this amazingly well and as stated, I knew nothing about pro cycling, have never watched it on TV, but now I feel I have a real understanding of it and will be making an effort to watch it For example, before I read this I did not know really how the team helps a sprinter win certain races, and Cav certainly gets across that his success is a team effort which it most certainly is.So all in all a superb book about a brilliant sportsman and an incredibly tough sport. This is a remarkable story told extremely well Mark Cavendish is self confessed immature, stroppy and emotional, all these come across in the book but so does the fact that he is also dedicated, focused, kindly and above all a great cyclist He is a consummate athlete dedicated to his sport and he produces great results and knows the value of teamwork There are many insights into the world of bike racing and its characters The book puts a little flesh on the bones of the Tour de France and answers some of the questions I have had as a mere TV spectator I particularly like the format, Marks story unfolds from within the heat and bustle of The Tour letting the reader see his journey from keen youngster to top sprinter through his own experiences I didn t want to put it down and it bought back to me all the energy and excitement of The Tour and made me appreciate, even , the achievements of all those involved in road racing at the highest level. Boy Racer steps behind the scenes of the Tour de France It unmasks the exotic, contradictory, hysterical and brutal world of professional cycling from the compellingly candid viewpoint of someone right in the thick of it.Written off as fat and useless in his youth, Mark Cavendish is now one of cycling s brightest stars and one of Britain s greatest ever cyclists Some have called him cocky, but to anyone who doesn t like his style, Mark will simply shrug his shoulders and reply, I know I m good There s no point lying about it Peers say that they have never seen anyone with Cavendish s hunger for success and while this fearlessness both in the saddle and on the record has at times led to controversy, it has also earned him the respect of everfans.In Boy Racer we follow him through the mayhem of the Tour de France in a page turning journey of pure exhilaration.

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