Secret Pigeon Service: Operation Columba, Resistance and

  • Audio CD
  • Secret Pigeon Service: Operation Columba, Resistance and the Struggle to Liberate Europe
  • Gordon Corera
  • 27 April 2019
  • 0008220344

7 thoughts on “Secret Pigeon Service: Operation Columba, Resistance and the Struggle to Liberate Europe

  1. Irashai Bryony Irashai Bryony says:

    I have always been interested in the history of the Second World War That was why, some months ago I watched a series of programmes in which a History Professor and two colleagues lived for some weeks as if they were living in the Second World War One of the facts that came out of that programme was the part played by pigeon fanciers their birds during World War Two So when I saw the book about the work of these men and birds during the war, I felt I had to read it I was not disappointed. It as a fascinating story, well worth reading.

  2. Matthew Merry Matthew Merry says:

    Excellent captivating story It exuded the wartime atmosphere The inter service rivalry was astonishing considering the gravity of Britain s wartime position Those persons on the continent who took care of the pigeons and transported messages were heroes plus of course the pigeons who followed their instincts.

  3. roughway roughway says:

    Excellent view of the empire building that took place in MI6 Hopefully someone was punished for their failings.

  4. Customer Customer says:

    Liked it s detail.Somtetimes needed to be a bit characterised and personal.

  5. Mr. W. King Mr. W. King says:

    Lots of amazing information about the way Pigeons were used and the service which trained them

  6. Fuddyduddy Fuddyduddy says:

    Interesting book that s easy to read Deals with a near incredible aspect of total war

  7. Viv Viv says:

    Great little book, telling a fab story.

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Secret Pigeon Service: Operation Columba, Resistance and the Struggle to Liberate EuropeGordon Corera uses declassified documents and extensive original research to tell the story of MI d and the Secret Pigeon Service for the first time This is an amazing story Simon Mayo, BBC Radio Betweenand , sixteen thousand plucky homing pigeons were dropped in an arc from Bordeaux to Copenhagen as part of Columba a secret British operation to bring back intelligence from those living under Nazi occupation The messages flooded back written on tiny pieces of rice paper tucked into canisters and tied to the legs of the birds Authentic voices from rural France, the Netherlands and Belgium they were sometimes comic, often tragic and occasionally invaluable with details of German troop movements and fortifications, new Nazi weapons, radar system or the deployment of the feared Vand Vrockets that terrorized LondonWho were the people who provided this rich seam of intelligence Many were not trained agents nor, with a few exceptions, people with any experience of spying At the centre of this book is the Leopold Vindictive network a small group of Belgian villagers prepared to take huge risks They were led by an extraordinary priest, Joseph Raskin a man connected to royalty and whose intelligence was so valuable it was shown to Churchill, leading MI to parachute agents in to assist himA powerful and tragic tale of wartime espionage, the book brings together the British and Belgian sides of the Leopold Vindictive s story and reveals for the first time the wider history of a quirky, quarrelsome band of spy masters and their special wartime operations, as well as how bitter rivalries in London placed the lives of secret agents at risk It is a book not so much about pigeons as the remarkable people living in occupied Europe who were faced with the choice of how to respond to a call for help, and took the decision to resist

About the Author: Gordon Corera

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Secret Pigeon Service: Operation Columba, Resistance and the Struggle to Liberate Europe book, this is one of the most wanted Gordon Corera author readers around the world.